Posted: February 23, 2010

Silecs, a Leading Supplier of Advanced Microelectronics Materials, Announces New Application Centre for Asia

(Nanowerk News) Silecs CEO, Kok Whee Teo, revealed today that the Company board has authorized the establishment of a new applications centre in Asia. The principal goal of the centre: easier and faster integration of the Company's leading-edge nano-materials into Asian customers' microelectronic production and packaging processes. Silecs provides the most advanced silicon-based polymers for use in producing the finest geometry semiconductors. These sophisticated materials enable the manufacture of devices with the small feature size and dense 3D packaging essential to everything from high mega-pixel cameras to high density memory sticks.
Mr. Teo commented: "We are committed to working closely with customers to ensure smooth and rapid integration of our new products and technologies. Our Asian applications centre will enable us to support them more efficiently and responsively than ever before." In three years, Silecs has established Asia as its strongest market. Teo added that, "With major customers now ranging from Korea through mainland China and Taiwan to Singapore, a local capability to partner with those companies and ensure flawless adoption of our materials became critical. Our service levels as well as our polymers will now be truly world class."
About Silecs
Silecs is a global developer and manufacturer of silicon-oxygen polymers. These precision dielectrics and coatings enable production of ever-denser microelectronic devices as Moore's Law progresses. Using nano-particles, the company tailors product performance to the most critical and demanding customer requirements, ranging from temperature to transparency. Its principal locations and customer partnerships include: China-Taiwan, Finland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the US.
Source: Silecs (press release)
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