Posted: February 23, 2010

SmartKem Launches New Website Showcasing Innovative SmartKem Technique for Printed Electronics

(Nanowerk News) SmartKem Ltd, the developer of novel materials and processes that create high resolution microelectronic components directly onto thin flexible materials, today announces the launch of its new website - The easy-to-navigate website offers quick access to information about the innovative SmartKem technique, which is set to revolutionise the rapidly growing printed electronics industry and overcome challenges associated with other printed electronics techniques.
The cutting edge SmartKem technique is set to replace traditional photolithography and standard printing techniques to create flexible electronic devices. By combining knowledge from the chemistry, electronics, photonics and printing industries, SmartKem is developing an inexpensive, low weight, low energy and miniaturised electronics solution to print on flexibles such as plastics and paper. The new website gives detailed explanation of the SmartKem process, highlighting its key applications including E-paper and OLED displays, printable sensors and electronic smart packaging,
The SmartKem technique involves the manipulation of organic and inorganic materials using light to create conductive or semi conductive microelectronics on multiple substrates including flexibles. The new website includes information on the revolutionary digital technology currently being developed by SmartKem and has an area providing news on other technological developments happening within the expanding printed electronics industry.
The SmartKem website also provides a platform from which potential investors can get information on the company and learn more about the SmartKem technique and its place in the future of the printed electronics industry.
SmartKem founder, Steve Kelly, said: "We are delighted to announce the launch of SmartKem's new website. As a high tech start-up business it is an extremely exciting time for us and we hope the new website will introduce the innovative SmartKem technique we are developing to a wider audience.
Through the new website we aim to keep members of the printed electronics industry and potential investors informed about the company and the industry in general."
Source: SmartKem (press release)
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