Posted: March 1, 2010

NanoeXa's Quantum Simulation Software Rapidly Delivers Advanced, Safe, Lower Cost, Lithium Ion Battery Materials

(Nanowerk News) NanoeXa today announced its Quantum Simulation Software (QSS) delivers significant performance, price, and safety improvements for lithium ion battery materials. QSS is the foundation of NanoeXa's rapid design and prototyping battery systems solution that substantially reduces the time and cost required to design and test new high performance and safer battery materials. NanoeXa is unique among early stage companies by delivering the entire supply chain required to provide total battery system solutions to Electrical Vehicle (EV) and Plug in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) manufacturers.
Michael Pak, Founder and CEO, explained, “NanoeXa's total systems solution combines internal development, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. We licensed key materials technologies from Argonne National Labs, develop better affordable battery materials in Silicon Valley, reference design large capacity battery cells in Japan, and deliver commercial volume materials in Taiwan.”
QSS drives NanoeXa's leading edge innovative system. “We expect continued performance improvement until we reach the limits of Lithium Ion chemistries,” according to Dr. Deepak Srivastava, CTO, NanoeXa. “QSS enables us to rapidly design and optimize new lithium-ion battery materials for high capacity and better stability, while reducing high cost elements in the composition.”
NanoeXa's battery systems solution includes rapid battery materials design and synthesis, large scale battery materials manufacturing, reference battery cell design, large scale battery manufacturing by customers, and battery systems design & systems integration capabilities.
Each stage requires deep engineering knowledge, extensive industry experience, and substantial capital to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Initial customers include three battery manufacturing plants. Strategic alliances with battery systems integrators are being developed globally.
Source: NanoeXa (press release)
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