Posted: March 4, 2010

Numonyx Unveils Industry's First 65nm Multiple I/O Serial Flash Memory Line

(Nanowerk News) Numonyx B.V. today introduced the industry’s first 65nm multiple I/O serial flash memory product line, extending the broad array of Numonyx memory products designed for the rigorous code and data reliability needs of the embedded market. The new Numonyx® Forté™ N25Q serial flash family is designed to deliver the highest performance, flexibility and reliability for today’s most popular embedded applications found in PCs, set-top boxes and communications devices.
The Numonyx Forté N25Q product family is the latest offering from the expanding Forté portfolio of serial peripheral interface (SPI) flash memory, delivering a broad spectrum of performance features and density ranges. With today’s announcement, Numonyx adds two new products at 128 Mb densities in 3V and 1.8V versions manufactured on industry-leading 65nm technology. Using the industry’s most advanced technologies provides customers with cost-effective products and long-term architectural continuity.
“Numonyx Forté N25Q represents another leap forward in our quest to deliver the most advanced memory solutions in the industry,” says Glen Hawk, vice president and general manager of the Embedded Business Group at Numonyx. “As we expand the Forté line, we’re continuing to demonstrate that Numonyx is committed to the embedded segment and to being the serial flash leader in performance and solutions.”
New Feature Helps to Meet the Needs of the Most Demanding Applications
The latest product extends and improves the design flexibility and usability of serial flash memory with the introduction of the industry’s first Non-Volatile Configuration Register. This new feature optimizes the device configuration by allowing multiple parameter options that are best suited for the application and maintains the settings after the power on and off cycle. This non-volatile capability greatly enhances the flexibility of execute-in-place (XIP) memory systems by eliminating the need to reset the device after each power cycle, and improves performance by reducing the number of clock cycles. Designing with the Forté N25Q family also presents the opportunity to reduce the DRAM in the system by executing the code directly from the flash device, saving cost and board space for customers.
Performance, Flexibility, Reliability
The N25Q serial flash memory supports multiple I/O SPI protocols (Single, Dual and Quad,) on the same device, which delivers the highest level of design flexibility to customers. Numonyx has significantly improved the read and write speeds over the entire supply voltage range, improving clock speeds from 75MHz to 108MHz and up to four times, or 432MHz, in the Quad I/O mode. At both 3V and 1.8V, the Forté N25Q is well-suited for a range of applications, including battery-operated devices such as handheld or consumer electronics.
For embedded customers, long-term support and architectural continuity is essential. The N25Q family on 65nm technology means customers will have a future roadmap on common architectures, and offers existing customers a backward-compatible solution with other Numonyx serial flash memory products, including the Numonyx Forté M25P and M25PX flash memory product lines.
Production quantities of the Forté N25Q 128Mb in both 3V and1.8V are available now.
About Numonyx
Numonyx provides a full range of integrated parallel and serial NOR, NAND, RAM and Phase Change non-volatile memory technologies and products to meet the increasingly sophisticated memory needs of customers in wireless and embedded market segments. Numonyx is dedicated to providing high density, low-power memory technologies and multi-chip packaging solutions to a global base of customers.
Source: Numonyx (press release)
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