Posted: March 8, 2010

Premier Emerging Tech Forum Offers Matchmaking Prospects for Nanofiber Technology

(Nanowerk News) FibeRio Technology Corporation is among the over 100 companies and technology innovators from across the nation and around the world that will compete for top honors at the WBT2010, March 16-17 in Arlington-DFW, Texas.
FibeRio’s Forcespinning Technology™, which utilizes centrifugal force, will be rigorously prepped by WBTshowcase commercialization experts to present to participants including venture capitalists and Fortune 1000 licensees. Over 500 professionals attended last year’s event.
“The conventional wisdom for venture capital is that a down economy can be a great time to invest,” said Paul Huleatt, WBTshowcase CEO. “The pace of new innovations accelerates, the best deals rise quickly to the top and sophisticated investors receive great value for their money.”
According to Mr. Huleatt, one in three WBTshowcase presenters goes on to secure venture funding, license their technology, or sell their IP outright, representing over $450 million raised to date.
“FibeRio has combined an innovative technology with a talented management team, and the WBT showcase is a great opportunity to find the capital and industry partners to make Forcespinning Technology™ The Force for Nanofibers”, said FibeRio CEO Ellery Buchanan.
Mr. Huleatt highlighted that the companies groomed to present at the WBTshowcase leave with new knowledge and contacts to take their technologies to the market and beyond.
FibeRio will launch its first line of nanofiber fabrication equipment for the research market in the summer of 2010 as it quickly scales up Forcespinning Technology™ for industrial level production.
ABOUT FibeRio Technology Corporation
By incorporating Forcespinning Technology™ into equipment and manufacturing processes, FibeRio will provide researchers with versatile production capabilities that will facilitate ground breaking research and deliver the nonwovens and technical textiles industries with dramatically increased system level production capacities that will escalate the commercialization of nanofiber applications.
ABOUT WBTshowcase
The WBTshowcase is the nation's premier event showcasing the largest collection of undiscovered technologies emanating from the world’s leading universities, labs and research institutions. The 2010 WBTshowcase will be held March 16-17 in Arlington-DFW, Texas.
Source: FibeRio (press release)
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