Posted: March 10, 2010

ALLVIA Webcast to Focus on Silicon Interposers With Through-Silicon Vias and Thin-Film Capacitors

(Nanowerk News) ALLVIA, the first through-silicon via (TSV) foundry, in conjunction with Semiconductor International magazine, will broadcast a webcast on how to build silicon interposers with embedded capacitors in 3D stacked semiconductors. The webcast is scheduled for 2 pm PDT on March 17.
Three presentations will discuss the evolution of interposers with TSVs:
  • Evolution of Interposers and Their Mechanical Benefits: Larry Moresco, Ph.D., DFX Solutions
  • Electrical Performance Benefits of Silicon Interposers: Madhavan Swaminathan, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Silicon Interposers -- Implementation and Reliability Studies: Nagesh Vodrahalli, Ph.D., ALLVIA, Inc.
  • Thin film capacitors & 3D Integration
    Recently, ALLVIA announced that it had integrated embedded capacitors on silicon interposers, a key interface between a silicon device and an organic substrate needed for managing high interconnect densities. 3D integration with ALLVIA's through-silicon via technology allows much closer access to high value capacitors than previously possible, leading to a much higher level of electrical performance. TSV interposers with embedded capacitors provide the shortest electrical path between devices and power supply decoupling capacitors. TSVs with their very low inductance interconnects thus will enable very high electrical performance when integrated with embedded thin film capacitors. These topics and more will be discussed in the webcast.
    About ALLVIA
    Located in Silicon Valley, ALLVIA is the first through-silicon via (TSV) foundry and introduced the term "through-silicon via" in both a 1997 business plan and a January 2000 technical article. With the full spectrum of facilities, IP and equipment, ALLVIA offers services for prototyping and full volume production of both front side and back side TSVs to the MEMS and semiconductor industries as well as silicon etching, copper plating, photolithography, CMP, etc.
    Source: ALLVIA (press release)
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