Posted: March 15, 2010

JSC SITRONICS to License 90 Nanometer Production Technology

(Nanowerk News) JSC SITRONICS, a leading provider of telecommunications, information technology and microelectronic solutions in Russia and the CIS, today announced that it signed a three-party agreement with RUSNANO and STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, for licensing ST manufacturing technology for 90 nanometre integrated circuits. Technology transfer is a key phase in the SITRONICS/RUSNANO joint project to establish mass production of 90 nanometre integrated circuits, and a new step in SITRONICS developing cooperation with strategic international partners.
The technology transfer includes licenses for production and sales, the design kit, the list of necessary equipment, training of personnel, as well as the manufacturing plan for integrated circuits and materials requirements.
Jean-Marc Chaumont, Vice President for EMEA of STMicroelectronics, commented: “ST’s cooperation with SITRONICS has been a key component in ST’s approach to the market in Russia. We value our partner’s reliability as well as the potential of the Russian market, and we see the conditions in place for the new project to be successful.”
Dionis Gordin, RUSNANO Managing Director, notes: “The 90 nanometre factory is RUSNANO’s largest and most advanced investment project in micro- and nano-electronics. We are counting on synergy – having our own production base for nano-electronics will become the backbone that will provide the impulse to develop many adjacent domestic electronics segments and other high-tech sectors.”
JSC SITRONICS has been successfully cooperating with STMicroelectronics since 2006, when the companies agreed to transferring 180 nanometre EEPROM technology. SITRONICS microelectronics production is currently the most advanced in Russia. Gennady Krasnikov, Vice President of SITRONICS, Head of SITRONICS Microelectronics, commented: “The transfer of technology can be considered the start of the project. The construction of the 180 nanometre plant gave us much experience. We have received unique assets: the creation of infrastructure, well-established relations with equipment producers, materials suppliers, the makers and consumers of final production, and the most importantly – highly-qualified personnel who are ready to apply their experience to the new project“.
Thanks to this project, SITRONICS will expand its production line, and Russia design centers will have the opportunity to produce their own 90 nanometre designs within Russia. The final products will be chips for Digital TV, GLONASS/GPS navigation systems, industrial automation systems, automative electronics and high security smart cards.
SITRONICS is a leading provider of telecommunication solutions, including software, equipment and systems integration, IT solutions and microelectronic solutions in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States with a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe and a growing presence in the Middle East and Africa.
SITRONICS serves over 3,500 clients, maintains offices in 32 countries and exports its products and services to more than 60 countries.
SITRONICS’ key Telecommunication Solutions operations are based in Prague, Czech Republic and Athens, Greece, while the company’s IT Solutions and Microelectronics divisions are based in Kiev, Ukraine and Zelenograd, Russia respectively.
Source: SITRONICS (press release)
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