Posted: March 15, 2010

Applied Nanoscience Reports Positive H1N1, Rhinovirus Test Results

(Nanowerk News) Applied Nanoscience Inc. (ANI), a nanotechnology-based filtration company, today announced that it has received extremely positive test results on the effectiveness of the disposable NanoFense™ Protective Face Mask when challenged with the current swine influenza virus (H1N1). In addition, their proprietary NanoFense coating formulation proved to be equally effective when challenged directly with rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold. Both of the studies were conducted by a nationally recognized independent BSL-3 laboratory. The company expects to complete additional testing relating to an additional U.S. patent application in the next two weeks to further protect international efforts and the intellectual property portfolio already amassed.
Applied Nanoscience Inc. also announced it has successfully completed trial efforts to coat rolls of filter media specified by their Asia Pacific mask partner within the appropriate concentration range. This has further narrowed the timeframe for supplying hydrophobic media pre-coated with the company's NanoFense formulation, a proprietary antimicrobial nanoparticle filter coating developed by ANI. "The continued focus on specific efforts which directly lead to commercial revenues has put ANI in a very exciting position. We are working diligently to finalize the remaining details in a supply contract with our mask partner," stated Thomas K. Allen, President and CEO - ANI.
ANI continues to push forward on U.S. patent efforts tied to its NanoFense formulation as well as the NEFT™ platform.
The revolutionary disposable NanoFense Protective Face Mask will be made available as soon as possible in an effort to help protect people in some of the most heavily populated parts of the world. The company anticipates the reporting of related revenues to begin in the second quarter of 2010 as final strategic projects are completed. Applied Nanoscience HK Ltd. is now formally registered in Hong Kong as a subsidiary with banking functions in place to export the coated filter media. It will be sold in many of the countries where ANI has issued patents protecting their broad NEFT platform. The patent coverage includes three main methods of associating nanoparticles with filter media: (1) coating the filter media with a powder of nanoparticles, (2) impregnating the nanoparticles into the filter media, and (3) having pellets of nanoparticles located adjacent to the filter media.
About ANI
ANI is a marketer, developer and manufacturer of innovative nanotechnology-based air filtration products specifically targeted to eradicate bacteria, virus and fungi and is the owner of NEFT (Nanoparticle - Enhanced - Filtration - Technology), a broad platform with significant application potential in customer and industrial market segments geared to reducing the transmission of infectious pathogens. The NanoFense formulation can be applied to virtually any existing filter media in order to produce air filtration products which can offer broad protection against virus, bacteria and fungi.
Source: Applied Nanoscience (press release)
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