Posted: March 17, 2010

MSGI Energy is Formed, Establishing Strategic Partnership with Franklin Energy

(Nanowerk News) MSGI Security Solutions Inc. today reported that it has formed MSGI Energy Inc. and entered into a definitive long-term strategic partnership with Franklin Energy, Middletown, CT, to create an energy, and energy related sciences company positioned to implement proprietary technologies in the Geothermal and Solar sectors nationally and globally.
Through several Space Act Agreements, the newly formed group is positioned to take a leading role in bringing into the commercial/private sector, proprietary NASA technologies including advancements in energy production, battery (Storage) technologies, nanotechnology and health related advancements.
By combining resources and best practices, the strategic partnership will enhance operations and create efficiencies at all levels of the new company, including generation, transmission and distribution.
Earlier this week MSGI announced that a Note Purchase and Sale Agreement was executed between Madison And Wall Investments LLC. and the previous holders of all convertible notes from December 2006 through March 2009. The buyer agreed to convert all of these debt instruments valued at $12 million into Preferred Stock of MSGI thus extinguishing the entire debt. They further agreed not to trade the stock of MSGI before 12/31/10.
Through MSGI Energy, which will be majority owned by MSGI and minority owned by Franklin Energy, the company will strive to become the first fully integrated renewable energy company in America by delivering Solar Power and Geothermal Energy onto the grid in a distributed method. MSGI Energy and Franklin Energy will form and operate solar farms across America fueled by stimulus grants provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This new Renewable Energy platform will be the commercialization vehicle for the NASA Solar Energy innovations currently under development at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.
Franklin Energy is an affiliate of Madison and Wall Investments and both businesses share common ownership. Franklin Energy is a structured company established by Franklin Power and Light, another affiliated company in the deregulated electrical energy markets in the United States. The company ( launched operations in 2007 to achieve customer acquisition through an aggressive roll-up of existing suppliers, aggregators and network marketing throughout all of the deregulated markets.
Jeremy Barbera, Chairman and CEO of MSGI commented, “Beginning with our NASA partnership from this fall, followed by the recapitalization of the company, and now by joining forces with Franklin Energy, we have successfully rebirthed the company in a growing sustainable industry. MSGI and Franklin Energy are in a position to take a leadership role in the utilization of emerging technology, while creating new jobs, expanding infrastructure and generating clean renewable energy. We are a perfect example of why stimulus grants have been made available - to innovate and stimulate the economy; one company at a time. We have joined with best of breed partners and can now begin to reward our shareholders with the most tangible outcome: results that will yield material financial returns in the near term.”
“Our first priority will be to restore the Company’s listing on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange,” added Barbera.
Christopher Plummer, Chairman and CEO of Franklin Energy commented, “The combination of Franklin Energy and MSGI Energy will create a rock-solid portfolio of electric generation businesses, increasing value for our shareholders immediately and in the longer term. Just as significant as the strong strategic fit of our companies is the cultural fit. Franklin Energy and MSGI Energy share compatible values, operating philosophies and views of the future. The increased scope and scale will make the combined company a major industry leader with a strong balance sheet and a low-cost generation portfolio. Both companies are known for operational excellence as well as strong customer service and reliability.
“We are creating a top-tier energy company that will assume a key leadership role in the future of our industry while delivering benefits to all of our shareholders. Moreover, with the vast real estate land holdings of Franklin Energy and its affiliated companies, we look forward to an aggressive expansion of Solar and Geothermal Operations in the coming year. This combination creates a stronger platform from which to continue our leadership in finding practical solutions to the environmental challenges facing our industry and country,” added Plummer.
Kenneth Roque-Bragg Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Franklin Energy stated, “This union is a great strategic fit and it leaves us well positioned for continued consolidation in the energy sector, as both of the electric businesses will have the scale to stand alone. Importantly, it also provides an immediate and significant improvement for our merchant operations and enhances their future prospects.”
About MSGI Security Solutions
MSGI Security Solutions, Inc. is a leading international provider of proprietary solutions to private sector and government organizations. MSGI is developing a combination of innovative emerging businesses that commercialize technology. The Company is based in New York City and San Francisco. More information on MSGI is available on the company's website at MSGI is a significant stakeholder in Current Technology Corporation.
Source: MSGI (press release)
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