Posted: March 18, 2010

Filmetrics Opens Application Labs to Complete 24-Hour Global Film Thickness Measurement Support Network

(Nanowerk News) Filmetrics has announced the opening of film thickness measurement Application Labs in Tainan, Taiwan and Munich, Germany. In addition to providing headquarters for film thickness support in Asia and Europe, each lab is tied into the Filmetrics support network, which provides immediate internet and voice response to Filmetrics customers. Addition of the two new labs completes the 24-hour worldwide support network, which combines real-time video, remote diagnostics, and online “hands-on” capabilities. This signifies an important advance in the real-time global support of users of film thickness measurement systems.
The new Applications Labs will support all F20 applications, including those in semiconductor, solar, display, and biomedical industries. Filmetrics President Dr. Scott Chalmers stated, “Now customers in Europe and Asia can benefit from the same high level of support that customers in the U.S. have come to enjoy and expect. Also, with our new 24-hour support network, they can have the equivalent of a Filmetrics applications engineer sitting next to them at any time of the day.”
Filmetrics instruments determine film thickness by illuminating the film with white light and measuring the spectrum reflected off of the film. The wavelength ranges are available between 200-1700 nm. Once the spectrum is collected, the Filmetrics software analyzes it to determine thickness, optical constants, and other user-selectable parameters.
About Filmetrics
With years of experience in the film thickness measurement field and offices worldwide, Filmetrics provides a simple-to-use instruments and unparalleled support. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Filmetrics has a full line of film thickness measurement systems and is continually developing new products and technologies that bring greater efficiency to thin-film metrology. Filmetrics was founded in 1995 and quickly established itself as the leader in the tabletop thin-film measurement industry.
Source: Filmetrics (press release)
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