Posted: March 18, 2010

Micromeritics to Showcase New Instruments and Instrument Options at Analytica

(Nanowerk News) Analytica, March 23 through 26, 2010, at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, has developed into one of world’s largest trade fairs for laboratory technology, analysis, and biotechnology. Micromeritics, located in Halle A1, Stand 121 will introduce significant developments in material characterization instrumentation.
The new generation Saturn DigiSizer® II High-Definition Digital Particle Size Analyzer measures particle size in a range of 40 nanometers to 2.5 millimeters and utilizes a state-of-the-art CCD detector containing over three million detector elements, Mie theory, and unique design and data reduction features to provide an extremely high level of resolution and sensitivity not available in other laser particle sizing systems. The MicroStar Residual Gas Analyzer features a quadrupole mass spectrometer that complements the Micromeritics AutoChem 2910, 2920, and 2950 dynamic chemisorption analyzers and is ideally suited for pulse chemisorption studies and temperature-programmed reactions. Micromeritics’ ASAP 2020 is now available with new vapor and water vapor options. This added versatility provides researchers and formulators the capability to characterize the surface area and porosity of materials both before and after exposure to vapors or moisture. Micromeritics’ ASAP 2420 enhanced micropore option extends the instrument's low-pressure measurement capabilities and allows enhanced performance for characterizing microporous materials. The ASAP 2420 features six independently operated ports for adsorption analysis and twelve automated independently controlled sample preparation stations.
Micromeritics Particulate Systems brand has added a number of new products. The HPVA-100 High-Pressure Volumetric Analyzer uses the static volumetric method to measure high-pressure adsorption isotherms with hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases. The operating pressure of the HPVA ranges from high vacuum to 200 bars. Sample temperatures during analysis can range from cryogenic to 500 oC. The Magnetic Analyzer MA-1040 detects minute quantities of iron in a wide range of materials with sensitivity as low as 0.00001% magnetic content. With their strategic collaboration, Particulate Systems will also highlight the Surface Measurement Systems DVS Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzers, which utilize dynamic gas flow and the gravimetric technique to produce high-resolution adsorption and desorption isotherms of water and organic vapors on solid materials.
Source: Micromeritics (press release)
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