Posted: March 21, 2010

Nanocyl to Review Carbon Nanotube Applications and Trends at Conference

(Nanowerk News) Nanocyl S.A. announced today that Dr. Michael Claes, Director of Nanocyl's Technical Support Team, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Nanocomposites/Nanotubes 2010 conference in Brussels, Belgium.
Dr. Claes will be delivering a presentation on March 24, the first day of the conference, titled "Carbon Nanotubes: Review of Their Actual Applications and Trends for the Future."
Nanocomposites/Nanotubes 2010 is considered to be this year's premier conference in Europe for applied carbon nanotubes, and is sponsored by Nanocyl.
In his presentation, Dr. Claes will share information about new ways for using CNTs as a cost-competitive and innovative solution for emerging applications, and the key performance advantages of integrating CNTs in electronics, packaging, and automotive fuel pump lines.
He will also present case studies on how conductive masterbatches can be used in grades PC, PEEK, PEI, POM, PA6 and PA12, and will provide an overview of carbon nanotube technologies for elastomers and composites.
Joining Dr. Claes at the two-day conference will be scientists from the leading chemical companies and other CNT experts. They will talk about the latest industrial applications and regulations, provide case studies about using CNTs in thermoplastics, and offer practical advice and technical support for achieving good surface quality in moulded parts.
For more information about Nanocyl's participation and discount registration for the conference, please contact Denis Ruyssen, Business Development Analyst, at denis(dot)ruyssen(at)nanocyl(dot)com.
About Nanocyl
Nanocyl S.A., established in 2002, is a leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial carbon nanotubes. Nanocyl is headquartered in Belgium, and has a division in the U.S., and has opened Nanocyl Chemical Korea. The Asia-Pacific market is covered through a network of partners in South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China. Nanocyl's products fully meet the requirements of clients active in producing synthetic materials and manufacturing equipment for the automotive and electronic industries. As a worldwide leader in the production of carbon nanotubes, Nanocyl is focused on providing complete and value-added solutions to its customers.
Source: Nanocyl (press release)
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