Posted: March 23, 2010

Leica Microsystems Presents Innovative Microscopy Technology for Industry, Laboratories and Research

(Nanowerk News) Leica Microsystems (Hall 2, Booth 205/306) is presenting innovative microscopy solutions for applications in industry, laboratories and research at Analytica 2010. What’s more, the company has a special treat in store for visitors interested in the new industrial solutions: Under the motto Faster–Sharper–Smarter, there will be a prize draw to win a race car driver training session on the Nuerburgring race track.
New digital microscopes for mobile industrial quality control
The new Leica DVM5000, DVM3000 and DVM2000 digital microscopes set new standards of mobility and speed for quantitative 2D or 3D analysis. The streamlined zoom optics enable non-destructive inspection even of stationary components that are difficult to access. For this purpose, the all-in-one Leica DVM5000 can be converted into a portable system with just a few adjustments.
Portable all-in-one digital microscope – the Leica DVM5000. Streamlined zoom optics reach difficult-to-access surfaces and stationary objects
Portable all-in-one digital microscope – the Leica DVM5000. Streamlined zoom optics reach difficult-to-access surfaces and stationary objects.
Dual-Core 3D measuring microscope combines confocal Microscopy and interferometry
The Dual-Core 3D Measuring Microscope Leica DCM 3D combines confocal microscopy, interferometry and color imaging in one sensor head. Designed for R&D and quality labs or automatic online process control, the system offers ultrafast and contact-free analysis of the micro- and nanogeometry of material surfaces to an accuracy of 0.1 nanometer. A confocal microdisplay, two light sources and two CCD cameras produce unlimited field depth and highly precise 3D results. As it requires no mechanically moving parts, the Leica DCM 3D is practically maintenance-free.
Slide scanner automates and optimizes histological examinations
The new Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner provides an alternative to the microscope for the examination of histological samples. With unprecedented scanning speed and top-quality on-screen imaging, the Leica SCN400 scans even difficult samples. The Leica custom tailored lens ensures top resolution and color fidelity. Combined with the Autoloader Leica SL801 for up to 384 samples, the system offers completely new options for automated operation.
Automatic high content screening for live cell research and neurosciences
High Content Screening is a growing discipline in Life Science Research. Leica Microsystems has therefore launched the Leica HCS A High Content Screening Automation package for confocal research microscopes. Combining the strengths of high-resolution confocal point scanners with the new ingenious LAS AF MATRIX M3 software platform delivers a highly flexible tool for processing large amounts of data and automated imaging in multi dimensions at high speed. The Leica HCS A enables researchers to customize Leica confocal microscopes according to current requirements and challenging life science experiments.
Fixed-stage microscope for highly advanced neuroscientific experiments
The new Leica DM6000 FS Fixed-Stage Research Microscope was designed for demanding electrophysiological experiments in neuroscience. The system combines different microscopic techniques such as infrared DIC and epifluorescence with the recording or synchronization of electric signals of cells or tissue. The stability of the experiments is substantially improved by the fact that the Leica DM6000 FS eliminates all mechanical vibrations and electric interference. The specially designed motorized two-position objective changer enables contact-free switchover and gentle submersion of the objectives into the aqueous nutrient medium with precise automatic refocusing. The extremely long working distance of the objectives, the easy assembly of peripherals and the space for handling micro injectors and micromanipulators make working with the Leica DM6000 FS an extremely convenient experience.
Source: Leica Microsystems (press release)
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