Posted: March 24, 2010

Brewer Science Launches Cee 250X Precision Spin Coater

(Nanowerk News) Brewer Science, supplier of materials and equipment to the microelectronics industry, today announced the launch of the Cee® 250X precision spin coater, the newest and most advanced member of the Cee® lineup of benchtop tools. The Cee® 250X tool is a user-friendly, fully programmable tool, with industry-leading features. These leading feature specifications include spin speed accuracy, repeatability, chemical compatibility, and reliability. Collectively, these attributes are critical to ensuring long-term optimal coating performance.
The Cee® 250X spin coater builds on the reputation of the benchmark Cee® 200 series with enhancements that include a minimized working foot print (a reduction of 45% relative to the original Cee® 200 spin coater), a full stand-alone PC controller with a 7-inch diagonal full color touch screen interface, a PTFE Teflon® bowl for the utmost in chemical compatibility, an optional maximum spin speed of 16,000 rpm, and unlimited on-board process programs.
“Brewer Science is very proud of the reputation that our Cee® product division has earned as the vendor of choice for customers seeking high-quality R&D spin coaters capable of production track-quality performance in a compact, flexible, and durable design,” says Wayne Farrar, Director of Equipment. “We have achieved this recognition by being the only manufacturer of benchtop spin coaters to bring together exceptional product support and customer-driven design elements in a cost-effective spin coater product.”
About Brewer Science
Brewer Science delivers innovative material, process, and equipment solutions for various applications including nanotechnology, lithography, advanced packaging, MEMS, optoelectronics, and compound semiconductors. As the inventor of ARC® anti-reflective coating products for the microlithography world, Brewer Science continues to expand its scope with CNTRENE® microelectronics-grade carbon nanotube solutions, ProTEK® temporary etch protective coatings, WaferBOND® temporary bonding materials, OptiNDEX™ high refractive index coatings, and Cee® processing equipment.
Source: Brewer Science (press release)
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