Posted: March 25, 2010

Aushon 2470 Microarray Printing Technology Chosen for Cell Microarray Screening Infrastructure Program

(Nanowerk News) Aushon BioSystems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced microarray instrumentation and laboratory services for biomarker discovery, development and analysis announced today that the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) will launch a cell microarray screening research program utilizing the Aushon 2470 Arrayer technology. This program consists of miniaturized RNA interference screens, and will also include compound/drug arrays in the future. FIMM is an international research institute with state-of-the-art technologies, and through its Technology Centre, provides academic core services at the University of Helsinki, FIMM partner institutions, and national and international collaborators, including the Biocenter Finland network.
“One of our primary applications will be siRNA cell microarray screening. We believe that our technology, developed together with the VTT Technical Research Centre, is ground-breaking and will provide an exciting opportunity for miniaturized, genome-scale cell biology and cellular pharmacology,” said Professor Olli Kallioniemi, Director, FIMM. “We intend to make use of the Aushon 2470 Arrayer’s throughput and capabilities in this particular application. As we are using an unusual siRNA, lipid, matrix combination as a printing mixture, the ability of the 2470’s solid pin deposition technology to handle complex samples is promising.”
The Aushon 2470 Arrayer has been installed in leading institutions throughout North America, Europe and Asia to provide rapid, accurate, high-density microarray printing for both genomic and proteomic applications. It is able to print virtually any sample – including cell lysates and blood – onto substrates with unique shapes and chemistries, as well as the most delicate of substrates such as nitrocellulose and silicon chips. Engineered with walk-away automation, the unique solid pin architecture and proprietary pin design make the 2470 the most flexible and reliable microarray printing platform available.
About the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)
The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM is an international research institute focusing on building a bridge from discovery to medical applications. FIMM is part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, together with the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM, University of Oslo) and the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS, Umeå University). At the national level FIMM is a joint research institute of the University of Helsinki, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
The mission of FIMM is to advance new fundamental understanding of the molecular, cellular and etiological basis of human diseases. This understanding will lead to improved means of diagnostics and the treatment and prevention of common health problems. Finnish clinical and genetic-epidemiological materials will be available for these studies. The aim of FIMM is to merge strategic resources and research in the field of molecular medicine, genetics and epidemiology in Finland, and to develop into a high-profile international research institute in molecular medicine.
About Aushon BioSystems
Aushon BioSystems provides a comprehensive suite of microarray instruments, consumables and services to leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and diagnostic clients worldwide. Our unique combination of advanced microarray printing technology, robust biomarker content and innovative multiplex immunoassay development and detection systems delivers exceptional performance, quality and reliability that accelerate pre-clinical and clinical biomarker research. Our customers trust us to provide the most reliable protein biomarker data available, which lowers costs and improves research productivity.
Source: Aushon BioSystems (press release)
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