Posted: March 26, 2010

Eulitha Adds Nano-Hole Arrays to Its Standard Product Line

(Nanowerk News) Researchers in need of nano-structures for replication processes such as nano-imprint lithography are often discouraged by the high cost of obtaining masters or templates.
Eulitha has now added nano-hole arrays to its standard product line to make high-quality 2D patterns affordable. The patterns, chosen because of frequent customer inquiries consist of holes on rectangular grids. These patterns etched in Si substrates are suitable for use as nano-imprint stamps or for direct deposition experiments.
Nanohole array with 35nm half-pitch
Nanohole array with 35nm half-pitch.
Two patterns are now on offer (a) a 45 nm / 50 nm half-pitch array and (b) a 35 nm / 37.5 nm half-pitch array. The two dimensions denote the half-pitch along the two orthogonal directions of the rectangular grid.
Please visit Eulitha's products page for more information including current prices.
Source: Eulitha (press release)
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