Posted: March 29, 2010

CRAIC Technologies Introduces the Universal C-mount Adapter for Microscope Cameras and Spectrophotometers

(Nanowerk News) CRAIC Technologies, a leader in UV-visible-NIR microscopy innovation, today introduced its Universal C-mount Adapter (UCA) for Microscope Cameras and Spectrophotometers. The CRAIC Technologies Universal C-mount Adapter is designed allow a camera or a spectrophotometer, such as the CRAIC Technologies QDI 302™, to be parfocal and parcentral with the eyepieces on the microscope. This adapter is called "Universal" as it can mount on the open photoports of many microscope brands. Featuring X, Y and Z adjustment as well as a range of photoport flanges, the CRAIC Technologies Universal C-mount Adapter makes using cameras and spectrophotometers attached to microscopes much easier to use and allows for higher quality images to be gathered quickly.
“CRAIC Technologies is leader in innovation in the field of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis. The Universal C-mount Adapter was introduced at the request of a number of customers who wanted to their camera images to be parfocal and parcentral with the images seen in the microscope eyepieces" states Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies. “We therefore undertook to develop a flexible c-mount adapter that would allow for motion in three axes and allow for parfocality and parcentrality while being durable. The CRAIC Technologies Universal C-mount Adapter is the result.”
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About CRAIC Technologies
CRAIC Technologies, Inc. is a global technology leader focused microimaging and microspectroscopy in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions. CRAIC Technologies creates innovative solutions, with the very best in customer support, by listening to our customers and implementing solutions that integrate operational excellence and technology expertise. CRAIC Technologies provides solutions for customers in forensic sciences, health sciences, semiconductor, geology, nanotechnology and materials science markets whose applications demand accuracy, precision, speed and the best in customer support.
Source: CRAIC Technologies (press release)
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