Posted: April 1, 2010

RUSNANO and UKTI Run First Joint Seminar for UK Businesses

(Nanowerk News) Over 20 UK innovative companies have made specific collaboration proposals at the partnering seminar organized by RUSNANO and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).
More than 100 representatives of business and science, including approximately 20 leading UK investment companies (potential co-investors of joint projects) attended this event.
The two-day seminar took place on 25 and 26 March, at the Royal Society, London, and at the Moller Center, Cambridge, respectively.
Head of the delegation, RUSNANO CEO, Anatoly Chubais, conducted bilateral meetings with the shadow business secretary Kenneth Clarke, vice-chancellor of Cambridge University, director of University of Cambridge's Nanoscience Center, and with the management of such companies as Ricardo, Plastic Logic, Imperial Innovations, Pera and others.
Tim Eggar, President of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC), stated at the seminar that "the reality of doing business in Russia is far different from common stereotypes". According to RBCC, more than 1,000 British companies maintain a successful business in Russia. Tim Eggar believes: "The recipe for a successful start-up in Russia’s hi-tech industry is having reliable partners like RUSNANO, UKTI, and RBCC; actively expanding into Russia's regions; and engaging professional Russian personnel."
"Undoubtedly, the UK is one of the few leading countries, collaboration with which will greatly benefit Russian innovative economics. We see a lot of small and medium-sized businesses that are mature enough to have an interest in extending their presence to Russia. During these past two days, we have met at least a dozen of such companies, and these were face-to-face meetings, signaling the start of negotiations", stated RUSNANO CEO, Anatoly Chubais.
Source: RUSNANO (press release)
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