Posted: April 6, 2010

Life BioScience Launches Life MicroFab Division for One-Stop, Efficient Micro-Fabrication Services

(Nanowerk News) Life BioScience, Inc. (LBSI) has launched a new Life MicroFab™ Division that provides a broad range of micro-fabrication services for devices made in APEX™ Glass, APEX™ Ceramic, Silicon, Pyrex™, SOI, Kapton™ and other standard materials used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Its services are targeted at customers seeking convenient and cost efficient solutions for their micro-fabrication needs whether they are in the early or final stage of product development and whether a full or single range of capabilities is required.
Life MicroFab™ capabilities include most processes needed to fabricate a CMOS integrated circuit, from process development to device fabrication. Single process capabilities, such as photolithography, thin films deposition, wet and dry etching or metrology services are also available.
"Researchers and product development groups often lack the in-house capabilities needed for early design feasibility, prototyping, and process development," said Blake Ridgeway, President and CEO of LBSI, the parent company of Life MicroFab™. "Life MicroFab gives them a leg up with a one-stop solution for all of their micro-fabrication needs whether they are working on government contracts or commercial product launches. R&D and advances in innovation need no longer be limited by lab size or constrained by in-house capabilities."
The Life MicroFab™ staff has a combined 50 years of experience in the fabrication of integrated circuits, MEMS, MOEMS, Bio-MEMS, photo-voltaic, microfluidic, microarray, bio-chips and other micro-scale devices. "Life MicroFab's strong knowledge base provides an invaluable foundation for exploring design feasibility and speeding up process development," said Ridgeway.
Life MicroFab™ offers rapid prototyping through its high volume production of microfluidic, biochip and other glass devices utilizing the patent-pending photo-structurable APEX™ Glass and APEX™ Ceramic, which are proprietary and exclusive products licensed from Life BioScience, Inc. This unique glass is photo-sensitive and can be fabricated into 3D glass or ceramic devices in a high volume batch process. The photo-definable glass improves yields, decreases process times and enables more complex micro-system part fabrication without the need for expensive process equipment.
Life BioScience, Inc. (LBSI) is an emerging growth company that has pioneered a revolutionary series of glass ceramic-based materials that provide a new product platform for markets ranging from aerospace and telecommunications to electronics packaging and life sciences. Formed in 2006, LBSI's work to date has resulted in the release of the APEX™ Glass series and the ORACLE™ Glass series.
Source: Life BioScience (press release)
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