Posted: April 6, 2010

FutureCarbon Expands Distribution With New Sales Partner in Germany and Austria

(Nanowerk News) Chemicals trader CSC Jäklechemie is the new sales partner of FutureCarbon, the leading supplier of extra-high-grade semi-manufactured products of carbon nanomaterials for further industrial processing. CSC Jäklechemie will in future strengthen FutureCarbon's market presence in Germany and Austria.
Paul C. Kästlen, the CSC Jäklechemie director of the division for paint and varnish raw materials, says: "We're very pleased to have FutureCarbon onboard as a new supplier. Being one of Germany's leading chemicals traders, we're continuously looking for innovative solutions for our customers. And in FutureCarbon we've found a partner enabling us to offer our customers both sustainable and high-quality semi-finished products of carbon nanomaterials".
A major strength of Jäklechemie is its many years of experience in distribution and consulting. "Jäklechemie is a sales organization that's able to respond to special customer needs, and that's exactly what we need to distribute our products", reckons Dr Walter Schütz, founder and director of FutureCarbon. "Given its broad-based portfolio of products from raw materials in the paint industry through acids to specialized materials for surface treatment, this medium-sized enterprise is the ideal partner to expand FutureCarbon's potential for growth in German-speaking Europe", adds the FutureCarbon director Tomas Meinen.
About CSC Jäklechemie
For more than 100 years CSC Jäklechemie has been one of Germany's leading, medium-sized chemicals marketing enterprises. In addition to industrial chemicals, its portfolio includes many less well-known, specialized products for the paint, metal and electronics industries, water supply and management, protection of the environment and the foodstuffs and cosmetics industries. The company's flexibility shows in the diversity of its services, from applications consulting, disposal and recycling concepts through refilling, mixing and warehouse management to correct product-specific international transportation and single sourcing.
About FutureCarbon
FutureCarbon specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement into so called carbon supercomposites as primary products for industrial further processing. Carbon supercomposites are composite materials that evolve the special properties of carbon nanomaterials in the macroscopic world of real applications. All of our materials are manufactured on an industrial scale.
Source: FutureCarbon (press release)
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