Posted: April 12, 2010

Noliac's Renowned Piezo Technology Course Is Now Open For Enrolment

(Nanowerk News) Noliacís renowned piezo technology course is now open for enrolment in 2010. Two-day courses are offered in Denmark in April and September, and a one-day course is offered in the Atlanta, US, in April.
Comprehensive courses
Through the comprehensive piezo technology course dedicated to engineers and technicians, you will gain in-depth and immediate usable piezo knowledge.
Seizing the unlimited possibilities of the piezoceramic technology will - without doubt - improve your product.
Gaining a competitive advantage
In 2009, the first piezo technology course was held by Noliac North America.
Managing Director of Noliac North America John Klausen stated afterwards: - The course was very beneficial for Noliac North America and its customers, and we wish to repeat it every year.
- Further, several customers have expressed interest in a customized piezo course at their own premises, which we also do very often. Then, the individual customer benefits from the possibility of discussing an application in confidentiality with us, and take the advantage of letting us educate a larger group at your facilities according to your wishes.
Companies choosing the custom piezo course gain a competitive advantage by discussing the piezo technology in relation to their own specific application.
Typical participants
Designers, technical staff, research engineers, who wish to be introduced to piezo technology and gain a better understanding of:
  • Material parameters and performance
  • Performance and possible designs with bulk and multilayer technologies
  • The electrical outputs from different designs, i.e. layer height and cross sections
  • Production processes in bulk and multilayer manufacturing.
  • Source: Noliac (press release)
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