Posted: April 12, 2010

Comprehensive Inspection of Round Parts With Carl Zeiss INSPECT Multi-sensor Measuring Machine

(Nanowerk News) The O-INSPECT multi-sensor measuring machine from Carl Zeiss allows the very easy, very accurate and thus very efficient inspection of small and complex parts. It can be used in the electronics and plastics industries, for medical and automotive technology, and precision engineering. A rotary table is now available for O-INSPECT.
Rotary table increases effectiveness
The new rotary table developed specially for O-INSPECT can be mounted and removed by the measuring machine operator. The rotary table can be positioned both horizontally and vertically for added benefit. In particular, it enhances the effectiveness of the measurement of round parts which no longer have to be reclamped for the optical measurement. Simple stylus systems are sufficient for the contact measurement.
Optical measurement of a rotationally symmetrical plastic part with the new rotary table for the O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine from Carl Zeiss
Optical measurement of a rotationally symmetrical plastic part with the new rotary table for the O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine from Carl Zeiss.
The rotary table enables users to quickly and completely inspect parts. Mechanical influences are minimized as the measuring axes of the coordinate measuring machine are only subject to minimal movement with the rotary table. Schwan-STABILO, which manufactures cosmetic pens under the Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics name, has already had positive experiences with the new rotary table on O-INSPECT.
QA employee Markus Meier raves about the overall package of the new coordinate measuring machine: “We are keeping our O-INSPECT. Compared to other systems, the total package of hardware, software and service from Carl Zeiss is unbeatable.”
Four-in-one principle
O-INSPECT features a Four-in-one principle. It unites the best of optics with the best of contact measuring. In the past, four measuring machines were needed to manage the entire range of measuring applications: a profile projector, a measuring machine, a microscope and a contour measuring machine.
O-INSPECT covers all four areas, and simplifies and accelerates the entire measuring process.
Thanks to the multiple sensors on O-INSPECT, operators can alternate between optical and contact measurements in one measuring run. Optical measurements are performed using the 2D camera sensor with the image processing function contained in the Discovery zoom lens while contact measurements are the domain of the VAST® XXT scanning probe. Carl Zeiss developed both sensors, thus providing two of the best sensor technologies available.
In addition to the multiple sensors, CAD-based CALYPSO® measuring software enables extensive size, form and position measurements with systematic user guidance. The current version of the software even enables an immediate visual plan/actual comparison. A live camera image can be directly shown in the CAD model.
The new rotary table on O-INSPECT will be presented for the first time at the Control show at the beginning of May 2010.
Source: Carl Zeiss (press release)
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