Posted: April 13, 2010

Virage Logic Extends Proven 40nm Success to Enable Low Risk 28nm Design for Early Industry Adopter

(Nanowerk News) Virage Logic Corporation announces a full suite of 28-nanometer (nm) memory compilers and logic libraries on TSMC’s High-K Metal Gate (28nm HP) process. Following on the early success of their 40nm-node design, two of the company’s longstanding customers have already adopted the 28nm SiWare Memory technology. Virage Logic has had 28nm memory compiler front ends available since December 2009.
Ideal for customers in the graphics, networking, storage, cell phone, and other high performance applications requiring high density and low power, Virage Logic’s SiWare 28nm technology provides a dashboard of options to enable reduced die size, optimal power management, high performance and test and repair options. This capability enables customers to differentiate their products with respect to speed, area, dynamic power, standby power, and cost.
In late 2009, Virage Logic announced its first 28nm test chip tapeouts. Virage Logic’s advanced test chip methodology incorporates at-speed testing through the use of its STAR™ Memory System and STAR™ Silicon Browser tools to measure SRAM bit cell stability, systematic and dynamic variability. This is accomplished with integrated test algorithms that are tailored for advanced processes for higher product reliability and accelerated time-to-yield. These manufacturability enhancements enable customers to minimize their risks at 28nm and accelerate their ramp to volume.
“Building on the company’s proven success of over 20 customers using Virage Logic’s 40nm technology – that includes memory compilers, logic libraries, embedded test and yield optimization solutions, and high speed interface IP – early 28nm technology adopters can reduce their design risk, time-to-market, and the cost of development,” said Brani Buric, executive vice president of marketing and sales for Virage Logic. “With Virage Logic memory and logic already in mass production on 40nm at TSMC, customers can rely on our proven track-record for their 28nm designs.”
“We are pleased to work with Virage Logic in supporting the TSMC 28nm process,” said Shauh-Teh Juang, senior director of design infrastructure marketing for TSMC. “With Virage Logic’s 40nm IP now in mass production, we look forward to another successful collaboration at 28nm in serving our mutual customers to achieve a fast ramp to high volume production.”
“The Virage Logic and TSMC partnership is enabling the industry’s early adopters to proceed with confidence at the advanced process nodes,” noted Rich Wawrzyniak, senior analyst, Semico Research. “Building on the strong momentum this partnership has established on the 40nm node, I’m not surprised that several customers have already selected Virage Logic’s SiWare memories for use on TSMC’s 28nm process.”
Virage Logic’s SiWare Memory supports all major system-on-chip (SoC) power management techniques including Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS), optional/selectable transistor threshold implants, and multiple standby power management modes that can save 50-90% standby power.
SiWare Memory provides multiple memory architectures for optimal area and speed trade-offs along with advanced integrated and automated instance-based characterization for accuracy. It also offers multiple characterized timing modes to support low voltage operations with high yield, and integrated built-in self-test and repair for at-speed test.
Advanced process nodes such as 40nm and 28nm require advanced characterization methods to properly simulate the effects of process variation. Virage Logic has developed AutoCharTM, a sophisticated and accurate compiler and instance based characterization system, to dramatically reduce time to develop and deploy memory compilers. This complete software characterization suite is offered to provide customers with the ability to explore a vast array of process, voltage and temperature (PVT) dimensions.
The SiWare Logic libraries include yield-optimized standard cells for a wide variety of design applications with multiple threshold process variants. SiWare Logic libraries are offered in two separate architectures to optimize circuits for High-Speed or High-Density. SiWare Power Optimization Kits provide designers with the most advanced power management capabilities.
About Virage Logic
Virage Logic is a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits. The company's highly differentiated product portfolio includes processor solutions, interface IP solutions, embedded SRAMs and NVMs, embedded test and yield optimization solutions, logic libraries, and memory development software. As the semiconductor industry's trusted IP partner, more than 400 foundry, IDM and fabless customers rely on Virage Logic to achieve higher performance, lower power, higher density and optimal yield, as well as shorten time-to-market and time-to-volume.
Source: Virage Logic (press release)
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