Posted: April 19, 2010

mPhase Will Provide Update on Smart NanoBattery at NanoBusiness Conference

(Nanowerk News) mPhase Technologies, Inc., the developer of Power on Command™ battery technologies, announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Steve Simon, will address NanoBusiness Conference/NYC on Tuesday April 20, 2010. The event will take place at the Marriott Marquis Times Square in New York City.
Mr. Simon said, "I am looking forward to the conference and the opportunity it provides to present the most recent developments in our battery technology to a broad audience. In particular, my address will focus on our Smart NanoBattery, its current stage of development and its potential uses."
mPhase is a leader in the development and commercialization of reserve batteries. The company recently began selling its 3-volt lithium-based mPower On Command™ reserve battery, which features a barrier inside the battery that separates the battery's electrolytes from its electrodes, enabling the battery to stay fully charged until activated. By comparison, conventional batteries do not allow for such separation, and experience significant power capacity drain prior to activation. The mPower On Command™ reserve battery can be stored for decades without losing energy. When the knob on the end of the reserve battery is twisted, the seal is broken, allowing the liquid electrolyte to interact with the solid electrode - creating instant power.
mPhase's Smart NanoBattery is a second generation version of the mPower On Command™ reserve battery. Rather than requiring human action to bring the electrolyte and electrodes together, the Smart NanoBattery can be triggered remotely, by computer or other device.
Co-located with the NYBA (New York Biotechnology Association) Annual Meeting being held that week, the NanoBusiness Conference/NYC will feature a series of sessions with leaders in finance, government and science.
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About mPhase Technologies, Inc.
mPhase Technologies, Inc. is focused on developing and commercializing a new battery technology featuring Power On Command™ which provides a unique way to store energy and manage power that will revolutionize the battery industry. mPhase, through its 100% owned consumer products division mPower Technologies, is marketing its first Power On Command product, The mPower Emergency Illuminator.
Source: mPhase (press release)
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