Posted: April 20, 2010

Bayer Technology Services Shows Unique Spectrum of Competence for Submicron Particles

(Nanowerk News) Bayer Technology Services GmbH (BTS) is presenting its unique competence spectrum for submicron particles, innovative nanoparticles and encapsulated actives at POWTECH (Hall 5, Stand 329) in Nuremberg, Germany from April 26 - 29, 2010. Also making their tradeshow debuts are Baydots® iron/platinum and gold/silver particles (1 - 20 nm) for use in medical, electronic and catalytic applications.
The product properties of actives ingredients and materials in general are largely a function of the surface structure and the size of the particles. Smart product design enables these properties to be varied over a wide range to meet customer requirements. The tailored made combination of formulation and process development plus new nanoanalytical methods enable innovative product design across eight orders of magnitude, down to particles measuring just a few nanometers. Microencapsulation can be used to stabilize flavors, and lipid extrudates can be used to significantly enhance bioavailability.
Nanoanalytics, such as the nanoaerosol measuring technique developed by BTS and the special adaptation of the more than 100 times sold SpectroBay®-NIR-spectrometer series for the online analysis of solid particles, play a crucial role for very fine particles. Expertise gleaned through decades of experience with the industrial-scale production, handling and packaging of nanomaterials, which was most recently utilized in the construction of the world's largest carbon nanotubes (CNT) plant in Leverkusen, rounds out the range of products and services presented by BTS.
Bayer Technology Services GmbH offers fully-integrated solutions along the life cycle of chemical/pharmaceutical plants from development through engineering and construction to process optimization for existing plants. The Bayer subsidiary employs over 2,600 people worldwide at its headquarters in Leverkusen and other German locations, as well as in regional offices in the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico, India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and the People's Republic of China. 2009 sales totaled approx. EUR 380 million.
Source: Bayer (press release)
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