Posted: April 22, 2010

Quantum Materials Corporation Subsidiary Solterra Implements High Volume Quantum Dot Manufacturing Plan

(Nanowerk News) Quantum Materials Corporation (formerly Hague Corporation) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc., has entered into a process development agreement with a consortium of advanced chemistry companies in the Netherlands to validate high volume production methods for its proprietary low cost, high quality tetrapod quantum dots. This agreement is the product of the MOU that Solterra, FutureChemistry and Flowid signed in 2009, defining a collective output goal that supports daily production amounts that had previously taken months or possibly years to produce.
The continuous flow chemistry technology developed by the consortium, consisting of FutureChemistry Holding BV and Flowid BV, enables rapid assessment of input parameters to control output characteristics of the quantum dots and high parallel capacity for increased production. The unique properties of flow chemistry offer unprecedented control over the chemical manufacturing process. This tight quality control enables the quantum dots to be used in specific technology applications where the unique behavior of the quantum dots can be harnessed. Together, FutureChemistry and Flowid, both pioneers of continuous flow chemistry and on the forefront of the "lab to factory" concept, provide the expertise necessary to find optimal process conditions and subsequently scale the synthesis of the quantum dots to necessary levels. With larger quantities of quantum dots, Solterra will be enabled to pursue its near-term goal of reaching one Gigawatt of solar cell production.
Solterra's vision to significantly increase available solar energy generation and to bring low cost quantum dots to the LED, display, broader optoelectronic and biomedical research markets is enhanced by this project. Significantly increased production volumes will enable the Company to readily enter developing technology markets that will come to rely on a steady stream of affordable, high quality quantum dots.
Research Director of FutureChemistry Pieter Nieuwland explains about continuous flow chemistry: "Testing new chemical reactions is often performed in a traditional way: step by step. With the technology of FutureChemistry and Flowid, these reactions become full-continuous processes that we can optimize with our software and translate to much larger reactors. This project will be an exciting showcase for flow chemistry, and it will prove that the technology is now reaching maturity."
Stephen Squires, Chief Executive Officer of Solterra, commented, "We are very pleased with this collaboration and are eagerly looking forward to fruitful efforts with both FutureChemistry and Flowid. Their leading edge work essentially allows the Company to overcome barriers to entry of high volume, high tech markets. The imminent ability to sell stand alone quantum dots in large quantities at attractive pricing into various markets, while continuing to develop breakthrough solar cell technology, undoubtedly will generate significant revenue for Solterra, Quantum Materials Corporation and its shareholders."
QUANTUM MATERIALS CORPORATION has a steadfast vision that advanced technology is the solution to global issues related to cost, efficiency and increasing energy usage. Quantum dot semiconductors enable a new level of performance in a wide array of established consumer and industrial products, including low cost flexible solar cells, low power lighting and displays and biomedical research applications. Quantum Materials Corporation will invigorate these markets through cost reduction by replacing lab based experiments with volume manufacturing methods to establish a growing line of innovative high performance products.
SOLTERRA RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. ( is singularly positioned to lead the development of truly sustainable and cost-effective solar technology by introducing a new dimension of cost reduction by replacing silicon wafer-based solar cells with low-cost, highly efficient Quantum Dot-based solar cells.
FUTURECHEMISTRY HOLDING BV translates conventional chemical reactions to flow chemistry processes and develops its own microreactor hardware for optimizing and screening chemical reactions. Flow chemistry equipment is becoming an important laboratory tool for every chemist.
FLOWID BV is an engineering company specialized in advanced reactor technology for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Next generation reactor technology enables a faster and more cost-effective development of new and improved products and production processes. Flowid has that expertise to successful implement plants based on innovative reactor technology.
Flowid offers a fully equipped application laboratory, accessible R&D projects and sophisticated tooling to optimize the economic benefits.
Source: Quantum Materials Corporation (press release)
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