Posted: April 28, 2010

Defog It Anti-Fog Chosen To Prevent Fogged Window During International Space Station Experiment

(Nanowerk News) Aboard the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Jeffrey N. Williams looked through a fog-free window to begin a micro-gravity experiment for Admatis Ltd, the Hungarian advanced materials company. His clear, fog-free view of their successful test was compliments of Defog It high performance anti fog.
During pre-launch testing, scientists of Admatis Ltd noticed that temperature variations were causing fog formation on the window of their experiment container. If fog formed on the window during the real experiment, it would interfere with viewing and recording the experiment’s results. To preserve a clear, fog-free view, researchers applied Defog It to the polycarbonate viewing window. Long-lasting performance was also required; Defog It protection had to last for ten days, from application on January 27, 2010, prior to the cargo shuttle launch, through February 7, 2010, the day the experiment was performed.
Did Defog It keep things clear 236 miles above the Earth? Béla M. Somosvári, Admatis researcher, reports, “Images that we got from the astronaut are perfect and there was no fog on the sight window.”
“For Defog It to be selected by Admatis for this important mission on the International Space Station is a great honor,” says Dr. Scott Rickert, president and CEO of Nanofilm, maker of Defog It. “We’re proud to be the anti-fog choice when failure is not and option.”
The Admatis Ltd. experiment is called FOCUS, FOam Casting and Utilization in Space, and is designed to help advance the company’s metal foam technology. The aim of the project is to better understand the foaming process and foam stability in an aqueous system under microgravity. Because foams can be 80%-98% porous, they can combine the benefits of structural strength and light weight. The project was made possible through SURE, International Space Station: a Unique Research infrastructure, and gave scientists and small and medium-sized enterprises in new European Union Member States an opportunity to do research on the ISS. Admatis’ proposal was selected for inclusion by the European Space Administration.
Defog It towelettes and liquid are a high-performance anti-fog developed for use on glass and plastic surfaces in vision critical situations. In addition to fog-proofing space equipment, they provide safe, long-lasting defogging protection for precision optics, such as eyeglasses, scopes and goggles.
Nanofilm, founded in 1985, is a global optical leader in lens care and coatings. Millions of people around the world use Nanofilm products, including Clarity Clean It™, Clarity Defog It™ and other lens care products, as well as nanotechnology-enabled coatings.
Source: Admatis (press release)
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