Posted: April 29, 2010

New Brochure: Medical Design Solutions with Piezo Motors and Hexapod Robots

(Nanowerk News) Piezo & Motion Control Specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has published a brochure on advanced motion control solutions for medical design: Piezo & Motion Control Solutions for Medical Design Brochure.
Nanoscale memristor characteristics and its application as a synapse
Microfabricated hydrogels colored with green and red dyes were assembled to generate complex structures. (Image: Behnam Zamanian and Ali Khademhosseini, Harvard Medical School)
Application Examples
  • Piezo motors for precision liquid dispensing
  • Piezo pumps for nebulizers / atomizers
  • Hexapod robots for computer aided surgery
  • Piezo motors for Imaging / OCT, MRI
  • Scanning stages for bio-research microscopy
  • The brochure can be accessed from this page: .
    Medical design engineers can take a closer look at these products at MD&M East, Booth #2748, June 8-10, in New York, NY.
    Source: PI (press release)
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