Posted: May 5, 2010

Oerlikon Solar Receives New Technology Certifications for Thin Film PV

(Nanowerk News) Oerlikon Solar, a leading provider of thin film photovoltaics (PV) manufacturing equipment, has received several key technology certifications that will help its customers bring thin film PV to market even more quickly. Oerlikon Solar has received a UL® Master Certificate for solar PV, and an expanded TÜV Rheinland IEC certification for a new 130 Watt-peak (Wp) highly efficient module design.
Oerlikon Solar’s R&D efforts are focused on lowering the module manufacturing cost of thin film silicon PV below $0.70 per Watt by the end of 2010. These new technology certifications validate Oerlikon’s ability to provide not only lower cost, but the highest quality and reliability.
“Oerlikon Solar is fully committed to help its customers meet fast-growing demand for solar PV,” said Dr. Jürg Henz, CEO of Oerlikon Solar. “We are not only reducing module manufacturing cost, but providing the fastest time-to-market with thin film PV. The new certifications from UL and TÜV confirm that Oerlikon Solar meets highest quality and reliability standards worldwide.”
UL Master Certification
Micromorph® and all other Oerlikon Solar technologies including technologies produced on commercial TCO or on Oerlikon Solar in-house produced TCO are now UL certified (UL 1703). The UL Master Certificate is an important validation of product quality and bankability and will be a key factor for sales of products by Oerlikon Solar customers in the fast-growing market in North America.
“Underwriters Laboratories is pleased to recognize Oerlikon Solar’s compliance with rigorous, international safety standards outlined in our UL Master Certificate,” said Evelyn Butler at Underwriters Laboratories. “The Master Certificate dramatically reduces certification time for Oerlikon Solar’s customers, resulting in an even faster time-to-market with thin film PV.”
TÜV Rheinland IEC Certification for 130 Watt-peak module
In May 2009, Oerlikon Solar became the first thin film silicon PV technology provider to pass all tests required for its Micromorph® thin film silicon solar PV modules to receive TÜV Rheinland’s IEC certification. Now Oerlikon Solar has announced an additional TÜV certification for an improved module design, which will provide a stabilized efficiency of 130 Watt-peak (Wp) by the end of 2010. TÜV‘s approval of the more efficient module, which simplifies back-end processes to drive down the installed cost of thin film PV, is a clear sign that Oerlikon Solar is adhering to its 2010 module manufacturing cost target. This new design (which requires no new investment) is an example of Oerlikon Solar’s commitment to partner with existing customers to help them remain competitive.
TÜV Rheinland, recognized globally for its module certification, put the modules through months of rigorous testing before issuing the IEC master certificate. Valid worldwide, the TÜV certification ensures that modules produced by Oerlikon Solar's customers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can endure the most challenging real world environmental conditions. Oerlikon customers can also accelerate their own IEC certification process, reducing time-to-market for certified high-performance modules from eight months to less than six weeks.
Fastest time-to-market
Oerlikon Solar leads the thin film solar equipment sector with 12 factories in production in seven countries around the globe. Oerlikon has dramatically increased the efficiency of thin film silicon and developed innovative end-to-end manufacturing solutions for thin film PV, enabling new entrants in the fast-growing, global PV manufacturing business. Oerlikon Solar offers its customers unparalleled experience in both installing and ramping up PV module factories, using its highly competitive amorphous silicon and high-efficiency Micromorph® tandem production equipment technologies. The company invests significant R&D resources to further improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of thin film silicon PV using only non-hazardous substances and materials. Oerlikon combines lower costs with the fastest time-to-market, highest quality and reliability in the thin film PV business.
About Oerlikon Solar
Oerlikon Solar designs and manufactures field-proven equipment and end-to-end manufacturing lines for the mass production of thin film silicon solar modules. As a global leader in thin film PV technology, Oerlikon Solar provides solar panel manufacturers a quick path from concept to revenue with its extensive experience in both amorphous® and high-efficiency micromorph® tandem technology.
Oerlikon Solar production lines are complete systems, yet modular and upgradeable so customers have the capability to scale up rapidly with the latest technology to meet fast-growing demand for solar PV, demand that will accelerate as the cost of PV energy approaches grid parity.
Solar modules made using Oerlikon Solar technology are produced with non toxic materials, providing clean and cost-effective renewable energy.
Oerlikon Solar is ranked “global number one solar turnkey line supplier” by VLSI and has been named winner of the 2009 CELL AWARD for the ”best technical product for thin film module manufacturing” as well as winner of the 2009 Solar Industry Award.
Oerlikon Solar is headquartered in Switzerland, has over 750 employees in 13 locations worldwide, a number of factories in production around the globe and maintains sales and service centers in the USA, Europe and China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Japan.
Source: Oerlikon Solar (press release)
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