Posted: May 12, 2010

Nanoplas Installs Multiple HDRF Tools at Tronics' Facilities

(Nanowerk News) Nanoplas, a leading global supplier of HDRF® Plasma Processing Equipment for MEMS, 3D Semiconductors and III-V compounds, today announced that it has installed multiple tools in the two MEMS manufacturing sites of Tronics, a global leading manufacturer of integrated custom MEMS components, located in Grenoble, France and Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
“We were looking for a reliable partner who could bring us innovative and cost saving process technologies,” said Brian Stephenson, COO of the Texas based US manufacturing operation of Tronics. “Nanoplas HDRF® Technology allows us to skip several expensive process steps as well as offering a flexible platform for development of future advanced processes for MEMS manufacturing, including packaging.” Photo Resist stripping, Bosch polymer removal, surface activation, sacrificial polymer release and organic material removal can all be done on the same tool. “We were impressed by the versatility of this Technology. Installing these tools at both of our facilities is also in line with our committed goal of offering our customers leading edge, dual source MEMS manufacturing capability.” added Stephenson.
"We are very pleased that a MEMS manufacturing leader such as Tronics has made the choice for our innovative Technology." said Peter Dijkstra, Vice President Global Sales at Nanoplas. “We are very satisfied for the confirmed success of our new product line. The tool of choice, our new DSB 6000, is a production tool which is easy to use, easy to maintain and very powerful for different applications.
HDRF® is an innovative approach for dry processing
The Nanoplas HDRF® patented technology produces a high-density flux of radicals. Isotropic in nature, HDRF® processing allows isotropic chemical processing in a controlled manner that is unrivaled in the industry. It offers Damage-Free processing and targets the growing demand for low temperature processing.
Because of the high radical density downstream plasma and low temperature capabilities, the Nanoplas HDRF® technology is ideal for the following applications:
  • Bosch Polymer Removal
  • Dry release of organic materials
  • Photo resist stripping from 70°C to 250°C
  • Residue removal
  • Surface activation prior to wafer bonding
  • About Tronics
    Tronics is a global leading manufacturer of integrated custom MEMS components. With manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Europe and representation in Asia, Tronics provides local support to customers and offers one of the broadest technology portfolios in the industry. The company transforms MEMS concepts into products and builds reliable supply chains for high volume production of integrated components. Tronics services range from R&D prototyping to high-volume MEMS manufacturing, including electronic interface development, assembly and custom packaging, with additional capabilities in medical device development. Visit for more information.
    About Nanoplas
    Nanoplas is an innovator of specialized production solutions for the treatment of wafer surfaces for advanced MEMS, power ICs, optoelectronic devices and III-V compounds found in many products of today. The Company’s HDRF® plasma processing Technology tools enable sophisticated cleaning techniques, such as the removal of the Bosch polymer or Photo Resist removal at low temperatures. Nanoplas combines an innovative technology with robust and reliable equipment, and deliver exceptional process quality and high yields at low cost of ownership. Headquartered in Orsay, France, the company has been honored by the innovation award 2008 of Eurasia semiconductor.
    Source: Nanoplas (press release)
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