Posted: May 13, 2010

Russian Nanotechnology Corporation to Cooperate with MP Biomedicals in Nanobiotechnology

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais and MP Biomedicals CEO Milan Panic have signed an agreement of cooperation. The parties have agreed to cooperate in organization of nanotechnology research and development, in creation and modernization of R&D base, and in providing due conditions for production of innovative pharmaceuticals, including personal pharmacogenetic treatments.
RUSNANO and MP Biomedicals plan to jointly implement projects aimed at the increase in life expectancy and anti-aging as well as creating infrastructure for innovations in the area of nanobiotechnology.
The parties have agreed to participate in the work of scientific, coordinating and other councils, expert commissions and working groups on nanobiotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, that relate to areas of the signed agreement. RUSNANO and MP Biomedicals also decide to jointly provide mutual methodological and scientific-medical support for studies of the nanotechnology.
RUSNANO and MP Biomedicals will also collaborate in creating the information infrastructure to ensure the establishment and support of databases on scientific and medical developments and innovative projects in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and nanotechnology.
The parties will elaborate the long-term forecast for areas of nanotechnology application in the field of life sciences, pharmaceutics and related industries with the allocation of promising emerging markets, products and services, as well as a list of priorities and critical technologies in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, RUSNANO and MP Biomedicals will consider investments in the regions with already developed pharmaceutical industry.
MP Biomedicals (known as ICN Biomedicals until 2003) manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of life science, fine chemical and diagnostic products.
MP Biomedicals is a world-wide corporation, with ISO-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the globe and headquartered in Southern California. A vast network of global distributors and satellite facilities and offices throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas assures customers top quality products delivered when and where needed.
MP Biomedicals is founded in 1959, it is headquartered in Santa Ana, California (USA). The founder and CEO of MP Biomedicals is Milan Panic, the American businessman of Serbian origin ,former prime minister and defense minister of Yugoslavia (1992 1993).
Source: RUSNANO (press release)
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