Posted: May 14, 2010

Camtek Receives Order for Multiple Falcon Systems

(Nanowerk News) Camtek Ltd., announced today that a leading assembly and test supplier in Asia has selected the Falcon, Camtek's Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system, for a 2D and 3D metrology and inspection solution. The full order included four systems; two systems will be installed during the second quarter of 2010 and additional two systems will be installed in the third quarter of 2010.
Mr. Roy Porat, Camtek's General Manager commented, "This sale strengthens our leadership position in the Back-End Bump area, where packaging technologies are evolving and advancing to smaller and thinner packages with more advanced bumping technologies. We foresee that the technological developments in the packaging world will result in general market growth and with it growth in our business."
"We are also pleased that we were able to outperform our competitors and to be selected as the tool of choice at the end of a very technical benchmark performed by the customer", added Mr. Porat.
About Camtek Ltd.
Camtek Ltd provides automated solutions dedicated for enhancing production processes and yield, enabling our customers new technologies in two industries; Semiconductors, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & IC Substrates.
Camtek addresses the specific needs of these industries with dedicated solutions based on a wide and advanced platform of technologies including intelligent imaging, image processing, ion milling and digital material deposition. Camtek's solutions range from micro-to-nano by applying its technologies to the industry-specific requirements.
Source: Camtek (press release)
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