Posted: May 18, 2010

Izon Science and Chemoscience Sign Major ASEAN Distribution Agreement

(Nanowerk News) New Zealand based nanotechnology company Izon Science has announced a distribution agreement with Chemoscience, a member of the Chemopharm Group of Companies, Southeast Asia's foremost supplier of laboratory consumables, scientific and analytical equipment, clinical diagnostic and process control solutions.
The agreement will see Chemoscience distribute Izon's nanoparticle analysis systems on an exclusive basis in partnership with Izon in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.
Izon's qNano and qViro instruments combined with the newly launched Variable Pressure Module (VPM) provide the world's most comprehensive nanoparticle analysis system in a single instrument.
Steven Kong Chemoscience's Business and Marketing Director says, "Izon's instruments are a great addition to our range of world leading scientific research products. Izon's new analytical tools have wide ranging application in nanoparticle related fields and the power to open up new frontiers for scientific investigation. Throughout the years, Chemoscience has developed solid customer rapports that support the introduction of new products used in the growing and demanding scientific fields in the region. We believe with Chemoscience's innovative presence in Southeast Asia, Izon's technology will be able to penetrate well in the region. We look forward to introducing this exciting technology to our extensive network of researchers".
"Southeast Asia is an important region for us as it's such a hotbed of scientific activity. We've already invested a lot of time and effort to build a customer base and linkages in Singapore. We have scientific research collaborations with several A*Star research institutes such as the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE). The partnership with Chemoscience will help support our existing customer base as well as new customers throughout the region. We're both looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship", says Hans van der Voorn, the Executive Chairman of Izon.
Researchers using Izon's nanoparticle analysis system can measure and characterize virtually all particles including nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria and bioparticles such as exosomes and liposomes. Particle concentration, electrophoretic mobility, size and aggregation kinetics can all be analysed. Real time reaction monitoring allows users to design and test nanoparticle systems by analyzing the changes in particle properties as various modifications are applied. This is useful for bio-nano work, drug delivery research or development of diagnostic applications.
Izon's qNano and qViro instruments use tunable nanopores to measure individual particle properties as they cross the nanopore. Izon's invention of the Variable Pressure Module (VPM) provides precise control of liquid flow in addition to the standard electrophoretic operation of nanopores. The ability to vary pressure, electrophoretic force and nanopore size in real time, while monitoring the output is what provides the broad range of capabilities.
Izon's instruments are used across a wide range of scientific fields including bionanotechnology, virology, vaccinology, microbiology, gene therapy, medical research, marine science, aquaculture, chemistry and nanoscience. Current projects include virus quantitation and analysis, oncolytic viruses, marine science, drug delivery systems, nanoparticle charge measurement, diagnostic applications using antibodies and nanoparticles, bioparticle analysis, and controlled dispensing of particles and biomolecules by count.
Since the inception of Chemoscience in 1982, with initial focus in analytical products, Chemoscience's has grown to be a leader in the supply of laboratory consumables, scientific and analytical equipment, and process control products which include life science and clinical diagnostic products.
Chemoscience is the second distribution partner Izon has signed recently. Earlier in the month Izon signed a non-exclusive US distribution agreement with Maryland based BridgePath Scientific, a provider of scientific research products and services to the scientific community.
Source: Izon (press release)
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