Posted: May 20, 2010

Dais Analytic Corporation Chosen and Joins China Clean Energy Trade Mission

(Nanowerk News) Dais Analytic Corporation, a nanotechnology materials company focused on developing and selling applications for energy efficient heating and cooling/refrigeration products, commercial and industrial water cleaning (desalination) processes, and energy storage (ultracapacitor) for alternative energy and transportation uses, today announced its selection and participation in the U.S. Department of Commerce's "Clean Energy Business Development" Trade Mission to China, being hosted by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, which runs May 16 through May 22, 2010.
"America's economic future will depend on how well it competes to meet the rising global demand for clean energy and clean water in the 21st century; the business leaders joining me on this trade mission understand the urgency of that global competition," said Secretary Locke in his opening remarks in Hong Kong.
The trade mission is promoting U.S. exports of efficient clean water and energy products and services. With just twenty four firms selected to participate from a prestigious list of applicants, it is making stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing exploring opportunities to meet China's growing demand for clean energy products. In addition to Dais, other member firms of the Delegation include executives from Boeing Co., DuPont Co., Duke Energy Corp. and Peabody Energy Corp. The goal of the Mission is to accelerate the creation and growth of sustainable green jobs in the United States.
"The firms on this first Clean Technology Trade Mission are the 'the cream of the crop.' They are showcasing the very best new 'clean' technology products America has to offer our friends in China. These products when adopted will directly or indirectly support millions of U.S. jobs as exports are an increasingly important part of the economy and a key," continued Secretary Locke.
Tim Tangredi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dais, is a member of this Mission joining Secretary Locke as one of twenty four business leaders on the China Clean Technology Trade Mission.
"The combined size and underlying drivers for Dais's products in the U.S. and China have the potential for a faster deployment pace lending significant environmental, economic, and social impacts," said Tangredi. "Dais is privileged to have been chosen as a participant, and we are taking a very active role in the Mission. It is offering an unparalleled platform to bring our leading nanotechnology applications -- along with the products of other top US clean energy companies -- directly to the attention of leaders of China's government and key companies. The Mission's approach should find solid job growth occurring in both Countries," said Tangredi.
Dais offers an evolving set of clean technology solutions -- including NanoClear™ which is projected to help China meet its demand for clean water, and is the basis for a $48M order to the Company in April, and ConsERV™ which offers users lower energy costs and associated harmful emissions, and improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for their heating and cooling equipment.
About Dais Analytic Corporation
Dais Analytic Corporation is commercializing its nanotechnology materials and processes into break-through products becoming a leading participant in the applied nanotechnology industry with a specialized focus on the needs of the energy and water industries. Products incorporating Dais's nanotechnology minimize consumption of irreplaceable natural resources and stop degradation of our environment. To find out more about ConsERV (energy recovery for HVAC) please log onto
Source: Dais Analytic Corporation (press release)
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