Posted: May 25, 2010

Universal Display Corporation Introduces New Light-Blue PHOLED Material System

(Nanowerk News) Universal Display Corporation, enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED™ technology and materials, today will unveil a new light-blue phosphorescent OLED emitter system at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) 2010 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, being held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA from May 23 through May 28, 2010. This new UniversalPHOLED emitter system offers the potential for significantly reduced power consumption and extended operational lifetime in OLED devices.
The use of this new light-blue emitter system may provide performance benefits for both display and lighting applications. For lighting applications, it may accelerate the introduction of a variety of initial commercial products where high-efficacy, warm-white emission is important. The new system also offers key performance advances for displays when used in Universal Display’s new four sub-pixel format. Performance highlights for the new light-blue emitter system in these two applications will be detailed during symposium talks on Wednesday and Thursday of SID week.
“We continue to establish new records for what our high-efficiency, phosphorescent OLED technology and materials can deliver,” said Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display. “By introducing this new light-blue UniversalPHOLED emitter system to display and lighting manufacturers, Universal Display continues to lead the way in enabling superior OLED product performance.”
Universal Display’s new light-blue emitter system offers CIE coordinates of (0.17, 0.37) and a peak wavelength of 472 nm. It also provides a luminous efficiency of > 45 candelas per Ampere, corresponding to > 20% external quantum efficiency at 1,000 candelas per square meter (cd/m2). Under accelerated test conditions, this new emitter system demonstrates an operating lifetime of approximately 9,000 hours, to 50% of an initial luminance of 1,000 cd/m2. These performance gains are significant, representing a 30% increase in luminous efficiency and an almost 100% increase in operating lifetime, as compared to Universal Display’s earlier-generation light-blue PHOLED emitter system.
Universal Display is the recognized leader in phosphorescent OLED technology and materials. With a comprehensive patent and know how portfolio that covers these and other OLED technologies broadly on a worldwide basis, Universal Display has developed a series of proprietary, UniversalPHOLED products that offer state-of-the-art performance for displays and lighting applications.
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About Universal Display Corporation
Universal Display Corporation is a leader in developing and delivering state-of-the-art, organic light emitting device (OLED) technologies, materials and services to the display and lighting industries. Founded in 1994, the company currently owns or has exclusive, co-exclusive or sole license rights with respect to more than 1,000 issued and pending patents worldwide. Universal Display licenses its proprietary technologies, including its breakthrough high-efficiency UniversalPHOLED™ phosphorescent OLED technology, that can enable the development of low power and eco-friendly displays and white lighting. The company also develops and offers high-quality, state-of-the-art UniversalPHOLED materials that are recognized as key ingredients in the fabrication of OLEDs with peak performance. In addition, Universal Display delivers innovative and customized solutions to its clients and partners through technology transfer, collaborative technology development and on-site training.
Based in Ewing, New Jersey, Universal Display works and partners with a network of world-class organizations, including Princeton University, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and PPG Industries, Inc. The company has also established relationships with companies such as AU Optronics Corporation, Chi Mei EL Corporation, DuPont Displays, Inc., Konica Minolta Technology Center, Inc., LG Display Co., Ltd., Samsung Mobile Display Co, Ltd., Seiko Epson Corporation, Sony Corporation, Showa Denko K.K., and Tohoku Pioneer Corporation. To learn more about Universal Display, please visit
Source: Universal Display Corporation (press release)
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