Posted: May 27, 2010

Tecella Launches New Lines of Amplifiers for Recordings from Nanopore Arrays

(Nanowerk News) Tecella has released two lines of amplifiers targeted for recording from lipid bilayers. The 128-channel Jet-Bilayer provides 6 gain settings and the 384-channel Apollo-Bilayer provides 2 gain settings for optimizing recordings from nanopore arrays.
"The circuitry on these amplifiers were designed specifically for bilayer applications and achieve very low noise levels," states Al Walter, Director. "The combination of high channel count, low noise, compact size, and USB simplicity enables easy integration into a wide range of systems."
Jet-Bilayer and Apollo-Bilayer consist of one 16-bit Digitizer board and up to eight amplifier boards in a compact chassis measuring just 8.2" x 7.5" x 14" (21 cm x 19 cm x 36 cm). Both come with easy-to-use recording software, TecellaLab, as well as a full-featured, well-documented software development kit.
Leading nanopore research groups, including one involved in DNA sequencing, employ Tecella's amplifier subsystems.
Tecella is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, and specializes in the development of multi-channel amplifier systems for nanopore arrays and whole cell patch clamps.
Source: Tecella (press release)
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