Posted: May 28, 2010

FIB goes LIVE - NanoScope Services Introduces a Unique Innovation in Outsourced Nanofabrication and Analysis Services

(Nanowerk News) NanoScope Services Ltd, an innovative European provider of outsourced microscopy and ion beam ‘nano-surgery’ services, announced today the release of its novel LiveFIB™ web based consultancy capability. Customers may view their samples during modification and analysis at the nanometer level, live, over a web-based video conferencing facility.
This powerful visual aid is combined with a simultaneous audio link which allows the real time collaboration between a nano-researcher and the expert FIB operator processing their samples. This sets a new efficiency standard for rapid prototyping and analysis. LiveFIB™ is offered free of charge, and can be accessed via shareware from your own home or office. This provides significant savings in time, carbon emissions and travel costs.
‘LiveFIB™ effectively puts a focused ion beam microscope on every nano-researchers desk. It can be used for direct write nano-prototyping, 3D ‘section and view’ structural analysis and position exact FIBXTEM foil preparation for high resolution analysis of nanostructures and failures. Now you can ship your sample on one day, and be directing your nano-fabrication task, in real time, the next day over a video link.’ stated Alan Miller, director at NanoScope.
‘Every researcher who needs ion beam time, has access with the same ease and control as having their own instrument, but for a tiny fraction of the cost. Companies benefit from a commercially orientated service for similar costs to a full economic costing (FEC) University lab. University clients benefit from rapid access to top quality instrumentation and support, rather than wait for remote or oversubscribed centralised facilities’ he added.
About NanoScope Services Ltd
NanoScope is an independent European consultancy offering expert access to Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Transmission electron microscopes ((S)TEM) on a commercial basis. We offer advanced microscopy services to the Nano-research, Materials science and Semiconductor design communities, specialising in fast turnaround and complex interventions on the most demanding samples.
All enquiries to Alan Miller +44(0)117 9576225 or [email protected]
Source: NanoScope Services (press release)
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