Posted: June 2, 2010

Sensofar Introduces PLu neox, Their Most Advanced Optical 3D Profiler

(Nanowerk News) Sensofar introduces their most advanced Optical 3D profiler: the PLu neox.
  • Microdisplay based Confocal / Interferometry Optical Profiler
  • Color CCD Camera (Metrological BW CCD, and Color CCD)
  • Dual Vertical Scanner (large range motorized stage, and high resolution Piezo Stage)
  • Integrated Spectroscopic Reflectometer for Thin film applications
  • Dual LED Light Source
  • Compact, robust, and modular design
  • PLu neox
    PLu neox
    The PLu neox is the most advanced Optical Profiler from Sensofar. Based on the successful series of PLu optical profilers, the neox covers the broadest range of applications on 3D and Thin film metrology due to the combination of Confocal Scanning, Phase Shift Interferometry, Vertical Scanning Interferometry and Spectroscopic Reflectometry. This powerful combination allows for fast 2d and 3d analysis of technical surfaces with less than 0.1nm vertical resolution, the capability to measure steep slopes over 70 degrees on smooth surfaces, and Thin film metrology with less than 1 nm of resolution.
    Sensofar has also incorporated their patented scanning micro-display technology enabling fast confocal scanning for up to 12.5 confocal images per second. Improved confocal and interferometry algorithms allow vertical scanning speeds of up to 800 micrometers/sec, giving typical measurement times including calculations of less than 5 seconds. The Plu neox incorporates two vertical scanners: a Piezo based scanner for high resolution 3D measures down to 0.01 nm, and a large vertical scanner with more than 40 mm measuring range. The Plu neox comes with a fully automated xy mapping stage handling sample up to 500 mm˛. And with over 50 Nikon lenses to choose from with magnification from 2.5x up to 200x the range of applications are limitless.
    Tool operation and recipe creation is performed using SensoSCAN software which includes a comprehensive set of 2d 3d data analysis and viewing tools. For advanced characterisation and data reporting SensoMAP, based on Mountains Technology from Digital surf, offers intuitive state of the art analytical software featuring different views, surface operators and international areal surface standards.
    In the PLu neox the team at Sensofar have integrated advanced optics and technologies creating a powerful 3d profiler and thin film analysis tool able to cope with a diverse range of surface metrology applications.
    Source: Sensofar (press release)
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