Posted: June 3, 2010

Nanoscience Instruments, Inc. Announces Distribution of Microgrippers and Force Sensors from FemtoTools

(Nanowerk News) Nanoscience Instruments, a premier distributor of nanotech instrumentation and supplies, announces today the worldwide distribution of FemtoTools' Microgrippers and Force Sensors.
These novel Silicon MEMS devices offer integrated force feedback for handling and characterizing micro- and nanoscale objects. They are individually calibrated, do not degrade over millions of load cycles, and function in air, liquid and vacuum allowing for reliable operation in nearly any environment.
"The addition of FemtoTools products expands Nanoscience Instruments' portfolio beyond imaging tools. These unique microgrippers and force sensors will aid in the measurement and manipulation of previously difficult or impossible to handle objects. Additionally, they can be integrated with automated measurement systems and adapted for many life and material science applications", said Sebastian Kossek, co-founder.
The Microgrippers open and close using electrostatic actuation and sense the applied forces via measured capacitance. Force values are relayed to the user and reveal how tightly an object is being held. Objects ranging from 1 to 100 microns in size can be manipulated, making the grippers ideal for pick and place manipulation of anything from fibers to tissue to individual cells.
The Force Sensors detect forces ranging from millinewtons to nanonewtons, allowing precise measurements of surface tension, electrostatics and Van-der-Waals forces. They can be used for dynamic studies of mechanical structures, cells and membranes. More than 1,000 measurements per second can be obtained.
About Nanoscience Instruments
Nanoscience Instruments, Inc. provides hundreds of products and services for nanoscience and supports research and engineering at universities, government laboratories, and industrial R&D facilities around the world. Product offerings include atomic force microscopes and accessories for these and other high resolution microscopy techniques. Nanoscience Instruments also offers a broad line of consumable items that includes AFM probes, chemicals for surface modification, STM supplies and teaching materials & samples.
Source: Nanoscience Instruments (press release)
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