Posted: June 12, 2010

Dr. Stephanie Castro of Nanofilm Publishes Article on Silane Coatings for Ceramic Industry Magazine

(Nanowerk News) Dr. Stephanie Castro of Nanofilm, the Ohio nanotechnology company, recently authored the article "Silane-Based Coatings" in Ceramic Industry Magazine. The article addresses the formulation and application of silane-based coatings used for preserving and protecting glass and anti-reflective coatings to maintain the lifetime and functionality of lenses, windows and display screens.
In the article, Dr. Castro discusses the use of silane self-assembled monolayers as a protective coating on glass or ceramic surfaces to provide excellent resistance to damage by abrasion and erosion, as well as offering the opportunity to control the coating's thermal, ultraviolet and chemical resistance. The article also reviews additional applications for the technology, such as easy clean-up of graffiti, hydrophilic anti-fog treatments, ease of cleaning of oily residues, and acid resistance. Industrial uses are also a topic, including how silane-based coatings are used for coating chromatography columns, reduction of protein adsorption, enhancement of corrosion resistance, and dispersion of pigments.
"Silane-based coatings have wide application," says Castro. "Our research at Nanofilm centers on commercializing these solutions to meet needs in a variety of markets."
Dr. Castro leads Nanofilm's research in UV-curable coatings for plastics and self-assembled silane coatings on glass and ceramics. For more than 10 years, she has worked in the field of semiconductor nanoparticle synthesis and coating, with a focus on functionalized self-assembled monolayers on nanocrystals. She is the author of 19 papers in peer-reviewed journals and is co-inventor on 8 U.S. patents (awarded) and 6 patent applications.
Nanofilm, founded in 1985, is a leader in nanofilm technology and self-assembling thin films for a variety of substrates and surfaces. With an in-house team of nanotechnology specialists, the company continues to leverage its rich technological strengths and core competences to capture growth opportunities in nanotechnology applications worldwide. Nanofilm is a privately held company with headquarters in Valley View, Ohio, near Cleveland.
Ceramic Industry magazine's mission is to serve as the exclusive global voice of ceramic manufacturing, promoting the interests, growth and progress of the ceramic, glass and brick industries by: offering practical, real-world solutions to manufacturing problems; providing up-to-date coverage of news, issues and trends; supplying a forum for information exchange; and presenting information on the latest technological advancements.
Source: Nanofilm (press release)
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