Posted: June 14, 2010

CEA-Leti and Docea Power to Combine Expertise on 3D Integration, Thermal and Low-Power Design

(Nanowerk News) CEA-Leti and Docea Power announced today that they will combine their expertise in 3D silicon integration and thermal and low-power design. Under the terms of the common laboratory agreement, CEA-Leti will use EDA tools provided by Docea Power to build 3D-IC designs and methodologies for developing advanced applications consumer and wireless. CEA-Leti is the leading global research center committed to creating innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies. Docea Power, the design-for-low-power company, delivers software for power and thermal analysis at the architectural level.
The collaboration aims at improving design quality and validating a new generation of high-level design tools, like Docea's Aceplorer, for 3D-IC wireless and consumer applications.
"Thermal management and power-efficiency are key factors for success in nowadays designs. Through our cooperation, the thermal and low-power design Aceplorer platform from Docea Power will help to improve the overall design flow, reduce costs and improve the quality of our 3D-IC design," said Laurent Malier CEO of CEA-Leti. "This collaboration with Docea Power will also help us build a new generation of 3D-IC for Leti and our industrial partners."
"With its specific dynamic compact thermal models for 3D packaging and dies, our Aceplorer platform will enable power and thermal modeling of stacked dies, including the 3D interconnect using through-silicon vias (TSVs) and re-distribution layers (RDLs) and the power distribution across multiple layers," said Ghislain Kaiser, CEO of Docea Power. "Collaborating in a common lab with Leti, and benefitting from its broad and deep expertise in 3D-IC technology, gives us the opportunity to validate and improve our platform for addressing the fast-growing 3D stacked-IC market."
The More than Moore roadmap offers tremendous opportunities but also challenges for both optimizing the power consumption of new systems and securing their thermal behavior. In order to seize these opportunities and tackle the challenges of stacking ICs, an efficient architectural modeling solution is needed that takes into account the physical effects of heterogeneous integration, while allowing fast exploration of the design space. Docea's Aceplorer is an architectural-level platform for exploring power and thermal behavior of electronic systems that takes into account the power–temperature coupling effect at the earliest stage of a design.
About CEA-Leti
CEA is a French research and technology public organization, with activities in four main areas: energy, information technologies, healthcare technologies and defense and security. Within CEA, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-Leti) works with companies in order to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and transfers. CEA-Leti is focused on micro and nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology and healthcare or photonics. Nanoelectronics and microsystems (MEMS) are at the core of its activities. As a major player in MINATEC Campus, CEA-Leti operates 8,000-m² state-of-the-art clean rooms, on 24/7 mode, on 200mm and 300mm wafer standards. With 1,200 employees, CEA-Leti trains more than 150 Ph.D. students and hosts 200 assignees from partner companies. Strongly committed to the creation of value for the industry, CEA-Leti puts a strong emphasis on intellectual property and owns more than 1,500 patent families.
About Docea Power
Docea Power develops and commercializes a new generation of methodologies and solutions for enabling faster and more reliable power and thermal modeling at system level. Docea Power's Aceplorer platform offers a consistent approach for executing architecture exploration and optimizing power and thermal behaviour of electronic systems at an early stage of the project.
Source: CEA-Leti (press release)
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