Posted: June 15, 2010

NanoeXa's Quantum Simulation Software and New Li-ion Battery Materials Deliver Key Benefits

(Nanowerk News) NanoeXa today announced additional partnering opportunities for Li-ion 160 cathode materials in Asia, 250 cathode materials in the US, and for development and application of Quantum Simulation Software (QSS) for battery materials solutions and possible future extensions to ultra capacitors, solar cells, fuel cells and other industries utilizing metal oxides.
Michael Pak, Founder & CEO, presents business & investment opportunities on June 24th at the Clean Tech Storage & Power session Clean Technology Conference & Expo. NanoeXa exhibits products and technology opportunities in Booth 532 June 22-23.
According to Michael, "We are using QSS to design new generations of battery materials and completing optimization for scale-up of high-energy/high-voltage 250 mAh/g two-phase layer-layer NCM composite cathode materials, scheduled for pilot production in 2010. We are reaching out for partnerships in the US to scale up volume production in 2011. We currently offer 160mAh/g NCM composite cathode material in two versions with different particle sizes and tap densities for customers in P-HEV, HEV, EV and consumer applications, working with a manufacturing partner in Asia."
Dr. Deepak Srivastava, CTO, presents "NanoeXa's Quantum Simulated Li-ion Battery Materials Database and Design Engine Software: Materials to System Level Design and Optimization" on June 23rd . According to Dr. Srivastava, "QSS from the atomic to system level battery materials design and optimization has been validated by materials synthesis and prototype half-cell battery testing. We seek partnerships to develop this software to the next level for Li battery-related applications. We expect a consortium of three or four companies could accelerate QSS development and deliver performance and price benefits to ultra capacitor, solar cell, fuel cells and other industries that utilize metal oxide materials. And we see significant long term potential in Li-Air battery development."
NanoeXa delivers advanced Li-ion cathode materials. QSS enables the rapid and low cost design of advanced materials. We focus on building partnerships for high volume manufacturing and development of advanced materials for Li-based batteries, ultra capacitors, and applications enabled by advanced metal-oxides.
Source: NanoeXa (press release)
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