Posted: June 25, 2010

Smartkem Wins Gold at Inaugural Best of British Innovation Award at Venturefest 2010

(Nanowerk News) SmartKem Ltd, the developer of novel materials and processes that create high resolution microelectronic components directly onto thin flexible materials, today announced that it has been awarded gold at the Venturefest 2010 Best of British Innovation Award. This prestigious award recognises SmartKem as one of the year's most exciting technology businesses for its innovative new printed electronics solution.
The Best of British Innovation 2010 Award is part of Venturefest's annual technology showcase which identifies three of the most exciting new technology businesses in the United Kingdom and showcases them to the country's foremost investors, innovators and entrepreneurs during the one day event in June 2010. Displaying some of the most progressive new science companies in the country, Venturefest 2010 prompts investment in UK's high technology economy. The Innovation Showcase exhibition judging panel selected SmartKem from a shortlist of 10 young high technology businesses, from the most innovative startups in the UK during 2010.
Based in Denbighshire, Wales, SmartKem is a new high technology enterprise delivering and generating a novel range of organic semiconductor molecules compatible with printed electronic processes. The company is also developing a high precision laser process for the fabrication of its materials into small microelectronic devices such as transistors and sensors.
SmartKem's 'ink' formulations are designed for applications in electronic displays such as eReaders, LCD and OLED. The company vision is to create enabling technology that allows flexible printed electronics to realise its market potential in applications as diverse as ultra thin electronic displays, lightweight solar panels, electronic skin patches and intelligent packaging.
Steve Kelly, CEO SmartKem, comments: "We are delighted that SmartKem has been recognised as the most exciting new technology business of 2010. Winning this coveted award will help to boost our profile in the printed electronics market and provide us with great exposure for further equity fundraising. We are still in early stage research and development and are thrilled to be awarded for positive advancements in printed and flexible electronics."
About SmartKem
SmartKem is a new high tech enterprise responding to the needs of the printable electronics industry through developing an innovate process that creates high resolution microelectronic components directly onto thin flexible materials. Based in the world class Optic Technium centre, North Wales, SmartKem's main objective is to respond to the demand for low cost, low weight, low energy and miniaturised electronics. The SmartKem process will replace both traditional photolithography and standard printing techniques for the creation of flexible electronic devices.
Source: SmartKem (press release)
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