Posted: June 29, 2010

Izon Science to Sponsor Sydney 2010 International Nanomedicine Conference

(Nanowerk News) New Zealand based nanotechnology company Izon Science, today announced its sponsorship and participation in the Sydney 2010 International Nanomedicine Conference. The three day nanomedicine conference, to be held 30 June to 2 July, will bring together researchers and developers from around the world working in targeted delivery, diagnostics and regenerative medicine.
"We're delighted to be a sponsor. Nanomedicine is an extremely exciting and important field. It has the potential to enable early detection and prevention, and to dramatically improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases. By collaborating with researchers through forums like this we can continue to develop world leading technology that will help break new ground in healthcare", says Hans van der Voorn, the Executive Chairman of Izon.
Izon's qNano and qViro instruments combined with the newly launched Variable Pressure Module (VPM) provide the world's most comprehensive nanoparticle analysis system.
As part of the sponsorship package Izon is donating a major prize for a fundraising event at the conference to benefit the Children's Cancer Institute Australia. The prize package includes the use of a qNano for one year, with consumables, along with full training in New Zealand and support by Izon technical staff and the travel package to New Zealand.
Researchers using Izon's nanoparticle analysis system can measure and characterize virtually all particles including nanoparticles, viruses, bacteria and bioparticles such as exosomes and liposomes. Particle concentration, electrophoretic mobility, size and aggregation kinetics can all be analysed. Real time reaction monitoring allows users to design and test nanoparticle systems by analyzing the changes in particle properties as various modifications are applied. This is useful for bio-nano work, drug delivery research or development of diagnostic applications.
Izon's instruments are used across a wide range of scientific fields including nanomedicine, bionanotechnology, virology, vaccinology, microbiology, gene therapy, medical research, marine science, aquaculture, chemistry and nanoscience. Current projects include virus quantitation and analysis, oncolytic viruses, marine science, drug delivery systems, nanoparticle charge measurement, diagnostic applications using antibodies and nanoparticles, bioparticle analysis, and controlled dispensing of particles and biomolecules by count.
The Sydney 2010 International Nanomedicine Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach in Sydney. Izon Chairman Hans van der Voorn will deliver a brief presentation at the conference dinner on Friday 2 July.
About Izon Science
Izon provides the world's most comprehensive nanoparticle analysis system in a single instrument. Izon is a nanotechnology company focused on measurement, analysis and single particle control. Since commencement in early 2005, Izon has developed the science, hardware and software to fabricate and control dynamically resizable nanopores. These are a practical and cost effective means for the detection, characterisation and control of nanoparticles down to the molecular scale.
Source: Izon Science (press release)
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