Posted: June 29, 2010

Olympus to Distribute Hirox KH-7700 All-in-One Digital Microscope for U.S. Industrial and Quality Assurance Applications

(Nanowerk News) Olympus America Inc., Scientific Equipment Group Industrial Microscopes has signed an agreement with Hirox-USA, Inc., of Hackensack, N.J., to distribute the Hirox KH-7700 Digital Microscope system in the United States.
The KH-7700 is an all-in-one portable digital microscopy system that is designed to provide observation, recording and measurement for industrial and quality applications in such fields as metallurgy and materials science, electronics, forensics, medical device manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. It provides 2- and 3-dimensional measurement, display and real-time tiling for creating large composite images. It also offers quick extended depth of field, 360-degree rotational viewing, auto-calibration and both video and still imaging. Finally, it has a super-high-dynamic-range feature and supports local area network (LAN) configurations. The KH-7700 joins a comprehensive family of imaging-based systems and solutions for industrial applications already offered by Olympus across the U.S.
"We are delighted to help make the KH-7700 available to quality control professionals, engineers, precision manufacturers and industrial researchers," said Matt Smith, director of sales and marketing for Olympus America Inc.'s Scientific Equipment Group Industrial Microscopes. "Together with our full line of Olympus instruments, the KH-7700 allows us to offer the most extensive line of inspection and measuring solutions available."
"Hirox is looking forward to partnering with a world-class company like Olympus to assist in promoting Hirox's digital microscope solutions in the U.S.," said Hideyuki Masui, general manager of Hirox-USA, Inc.
The agreement is effective immediately. For more information, contact David Rideout at Olympus America Inc., 3500 Corporate Parkway, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610 USA; phone 484.896.5792, or e-mail [email protected]
About Olympus Scientific Equipment Group Industrial Microscopes
Olympus industrial microscopes and metrology systems play a leading role in precision R&D, engineering and manufacturing applications in fields as diverse as aerospace, the automotive industry, electronics, materials science/metallurgy, medical devices, photovoltaics, and semiconductors. Olympus continues to be a leader in optical design and advanced quality innovation.
About Hirox
Hirox, a lens manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, created the first video-digital microscope in 1986. Since that time Hirox has made many advances in digital microscopy, including many unique patented features such as the 360-degree rotation adapter. Hirox's experience as a lens manufacturer allows Hirox to make high quality lenses that have a large depth of field and can create high-resolution images. As a lens maker Hirox believes that a good optical image is more important than an image that is the result of digital enhancement. An image based on optics retains a clear original image without having any damage done by digital enhancement in order to create a good image.
Source: Olympus America (press release)
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