Posted: July 5, 2010

Using Picosun's ALD Systems, Nanexa Creates New Remedies for Medical Challenges

(Nanowerk News) Picosun Oy, Finland-based global manufacturer of state-of-the-art Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems highlighted today the results obtained by the Swedish nanotechnology company Nanexa, using Picosun's SUNALE™ ALD systems.
Nanexa has recently developed a biocompatible filter with superior porosity. The high porosity can help to reduce the size of the disposable filters. Reduction in size is essential in many applications, for instance in the growing market of dialysis.
Nanexa's novel biocompatible filters, produced for specialized medical use with key ALD technology, have a surface of titanium oxide, a material which is well known for its biocompatibility. This means that when used for filtering body fluids, for example in connection with the dialysis treatment of kidney patients, the inflammatory reaction which often occurs can be restrained.
nanopore filters
nanopore filters
(Pictures: Nanexa AB, Uppsala, Sweden)
The pore size of the novel filters can be exactly tailored in the range of 5 nm to 300 nm. Also, because of the homogenous pore lengths – all pores having exactly the same length, the thickness of a filter can be precision-tuned between 500 nm to hundreds of µm. The filters can be covered with a protective biocompatible layer and can be produced in batches resulting in low production costs.
Nanexa has also developed a variety of inorganic thin films on different surfaces under the Nanoxide® Trademark. Using its trademarked technology Nanexa offers a variety of biocompatibility services for medical purposes. Nanexa can, for instance, cover the inside and outside of canulas and catheters or selected surfaces of implants or in vivo equipment, such as pacemakers, and make these surfaces completely biocompatible.
"Nanexa is a perfect example of the kind of cutting-edge nanotechnology companies which will form our tomorrow. They have identified and completely understood the potential of ALD, and have attained best available ALD systems to turn their theories into practice. Picosun is very proud to count this company as one of the growing number of Picosun Partners," says Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.
"Choosing a Picosun ALD-reactor was a logical decision for Nanexa. A state of the art ALD-system together with an advanced technical support is essential for our business in order to improve productivity, advance quality assurance and to reduce malfunction exposure," said Christian Östberg, CEO of Nanexa AB. "Most importantly, this can enhance the value of what we deliver to our customers. As CEO, that is my primary goal."
Professor Mats Boman, CTO at Nanexa added, "We were looking for a complete and modular solution that provided ease-of-use, including the possibility to add features as our demand changes. Picosun is just the right fit."
Picosun develops and manufactures Atomic Layer Deposition reactors for micro- and nanotechnology applications. Picosun represents continuity to over three decades of ALD reactor manufacturing in Finland. Picosun is based in Espoo, Finland and has its US headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. SUNALE™ ALD process tools are installed in various universities, research institutes and companies across four continents.
Dr. Tuomo Suntola, inventor of ALD technology, is Member of the Board of Directors of Picosun. World's most experienced ALD reactor designer Sven Lindfors is Picosun´s Chief Technology Officer and founder of the company. Picosun Oy is a part of Stephen Industries Inc Oy.
Source: Picosun (press release)
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