Posted: July 6, 2010

Irilliant Announces New Patent; Broad Claims Granted for Aerosol Synthesis of Nanomaterials

(Nanowerk News) Irilliant, Inc., a developer of high-throughput manufacturing processes for nanomaterials, has further enhanced and protected its CAFS (Chemical Aerosol-Flow Synthesis) process with a soon-to-be-issued U.S. patent.
The patent, "Controlled synthesis of nanoparticles using continuous liquid-flow aerosol method," will include claims for large-scale production of high-quality nanoparticles from aerosol. Earlier patented processes were not suitable for large-scale production, nor did they result in products of equally high quality.
In Irilliant's CAFS process, liquid containing the precursors for the synthesis flows continuously through a sprayer, which in turn generates micron-sized droplets. These droplets serve as microreactors, and facilitate the creation of narrow-size distributed nanoparticles. Spraying large amounts of liquid in the reactor, facilitates manufacture of high-quality, surface-stabilized nanoparticles in large quantities. Ultrasonic or large scale industrial sprayers can be used to further enhance throughput. This configuration permits production of a higher quality product with a greater yield compared to previous methods.
Nanomaterials are used in a variety of emerging technologies including next generation photovoltaics, electronic displays, and lighting. "To sustain the explosive growth in these arenas, reliable, high volume production of nanomaterials at the proper pricing points will be needed," said Stephanos Papademetriou, Irilliant's President and CEO. "This addition to our IP portfolio gives us a tremendous competitive advantage. It also moves us closer to our goal of becoming a global leader in the production of a diverse array of quality nanomaterials at price points that are orders of magnitude lower than any other method of nanomaterial synthesis."
About Irilliant
Irilliant, Inc. is a leading nanosynthesis manufacturing company. By utilizing the company's patented CAFS technology, Irilliant can manufacture large quantities of a variety of nearly monodisperse colloidal solutions of nanomaterials (including CdSe, CdTe, CdSe/ZnS, CdS Quantum Dots, nanometals, and nano-oxides) at extraordinarily low cost.
The company specializes in post processing of nanomaterials for further functionalization and adaptation into intelligent devices. Areas of expertise include modification of polymers with nanosilver for enhanced antimicrobial activity, fluorescently encoded and magnetically enhanced microparticles, high-density binary code fluorescent markers, ultra-high magnetization superparamagnetic nanomagnets, and quantum dot fiber structures.
Source: Irilliant (press release)
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