Posted: July 9, 2010

NT-MDT's Scanning Probe Microscope SOLVER NEXT Wins Grand Prix of the Federal Russian Competition 'Russian Innovations'

(Nanowerk News) The Competition "Russian Innovations" is 9 years old. It is held by authoritative Russian media holding "Expert". The partners of the event are the main nanoorganizations in the country "RUSNANO" and "RUSATOM". The competition is an essential part of Russian innovation and nanotechnology development program. It plays a very important role in launching and promoting new high-tech developments in Russia and worldwide. Getting publicity to nanodevelopers and producers, the event increases investing rate in nanosector. Moreover, the competition helps to expertise new tools and ideas and to select only perspective ones. So, it raises the confidence rate to nanosector in Russia.
The Scanning Probe Microscope SOLVER NEXT has managed to receive Grand Prix of the "Russian Innovations-2010". Its producer NT-MDT Co. names it "the state-of-the-art company's development". This tool offers both atomic force (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) under one hood. This enables researchers to gain the fastest time to results, excellent performance, increased accuracy, high reliability and unprecedented ease-of-use with no loss in resolution. The flexible, sleek and functional system incorporates smart software, automated head exchange, and motorized sample positioning under video monitored control. This allows for high quality images without the need for specially trained operators.
The system has closed-loop sensors to compensate for inherent piezoelectric imperfections such as scan nonlinearity, creep and hysteresis. With two additional removable heads for operating in liquid environments and nanoindentation one has the freedom to work with a variety of samples, measuring modes and conditions. The SOLVER NEXT has an advanced controller with a vast library of scripts and both Mac® and Windows® compatibilities. The result is an image-friendly operating system well-suited to large file, 3-dimensional mathematics and manipulation.
So, the tool is designed to meet a researcher's current and future needs. This innovative device at the forefront of scientific research opens up new paths of study in different fields of nanotechnology, providing all user levels with a full range of conventional SPM measuring techniques (such as topography, phase imaging, nanolithography and more). SOLVER NEXT provides a robust, diverse, and economic solution for universities, industrial, routine biological and pharmaceutical labs. It makes AFM and STM accessible to a broader audience, even offering a special iPhone™ applet for simple image analysis and image sharing.
Source: NT-MDT (press release)
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