Posted: July 14, 2010

Jordan Valley Semiconductors Announces a New Metrology Tool for SiGe, Si:C and Strained Silicon

(Nanowerk News) Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd. (JVS), a leading provider of X-ray-based semiconductor in-line metrology tools, announced today the launch of its new JVX7200™, which targets the challenging SiGe in-line process monitoring. The system is the first ever production-worthy tool to combine HRXRD (High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction) and XRR (X-Ray Reflectance) technologies for strain, composition, and thickness measurement of SiGe stacks for sub 45 nm technology nodes.
Mr. Isaac Mazor, CEO and president of Jordan Valley Semiconductors, said: "SiGe metrology has traditionally been very slow with only a few measurements per hour, which limits fab productivity. The new JVX7200™ tool addresses the challenge, solving this process bottleneck with more than an order-of-magnitude throughput improvement, thereby reducing response time to crises."
The JVX7200™ tool leapfrogs contemporary in-line SiGe metrologies and combines a fast 2D HRXRD detector for composition and relaxation measurements with an ultra-small spot, fast XRR detector. The tool is compatible with fully automated modern fabs, and features both a small carbon footprint and a low cost of ownership.
About Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.
Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd. (JVS), the leader in X-ray metrology solutions for advanced semiconductor fabs, develops and supplies superior metrology equipment for quality control of thin films based on rapid, non-contacting and non-destructive X-ray technology. The company offers the Semiconductor Industry the most comprehensive array of tools, based on advanced XRR, XRF, HRXRD, WAXRD and SAXS technologies, ideal for both product or blanket wafers. For the compound semiconductors industries, JVS offers fast and economic HRXRD tools for high-brightness LED (HB-LED) manufacturing; this niche was added in 2008, through Jordan Valley's acquisition of U.K.-based Bede Ltd.
Source: Jordan Valley Semiconductors (press release)
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