Posted: July 14, 2010

Microfluidics Proof of Concept Testing Optimizes Nanomaterial Processing

(Nanowerk News) Microfluidics, the exclusive developer of scalable Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors for uniform particle size reduction, robust cell disruption and bottom-up nanoparticle creation, offers professional Proof of Concept testing for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, energy, cosmetic and nutraceutical/food companies worldwide interested in leveraging the benefits of nanomaterials.
Microfluidics Technology Center engineers, uniquely experienced with a wide range of nanotechnology applications, experiment with process variables and recommend formulation changes if necessary in order to optimize product quality and production efficiency. Lab research most often focuses on nanoemulsions, liposomes, polymers, suspensions, dispersions, cell disruption, crystallization and process scaleup. Customers receive a comprehensive report which details demonstrated results in particle sizing and characteristics relative to specific goals.
"We had not worked with Microfluidics prior to licensing an injectable pharmaceutical product that is produced on a Microfluidizer processor located at a contract manufacturing organization," said Piyush Patel, Ph.D., Director of Formulation and Analytical Development at Cephalon, Inc. "The engineers in the Microfluidics Technology Center were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and helped us to understand the effects of varying pressure and interaction chamber types on our product. By using particle size analyzers in the lab, they were able to show us results after each pass. This work was very valuable as it will help us reduce production time and save cost when we prepare to scale up. In fact, we were so pleased with the performance of the Microfluidizer processor that we purchased an additional M-110P benchtop unit for our internal research and development projects."
Proof of Concept testing is designed to help companies make critical decisions about sourcing appropriate equipment and developing efficient processes to achieve aggressive product goals using nanomaterials. An important value-added benefit is that this effort often jump-starts a more intensive Process Development initiative.
"Our engineers process more than one hundred customer applications each year," said Steve Mesite, Microfluidics Technology Center Manager. "This helps us identify best practices and effective strategies to satisfy customer requirements across a wide range of applications, from vaccine adjuvants and coatings to cosmetics and carbon nanotubes. We are fortunate to work with so many innovative companies because it improves our overall knowledge base which in turn enhances our ability to find creative solutions that satisfy complex customer issues."
Proof of Concept testing is typically valued at $5,000 USD per engagement, a fee which is applied toward the future purchase of a processor – however, a significant discount is provided for first-time customers.
Source: Microfluidics (press release)
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